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opinions on our short list please

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milkysmum Mon 05-Sep-11 09:28:36

DS is due in 6 weeks and struggling with a name. Already have a dd called Sophia. Our surname is Astley.
Short list so far is:

Samuel- up to now has been the favourite but dd's nn is saf so would a saf and a sam be a bit too similar sounding when shouting them to come in from play etc.
Thomas- dh loves this, I'm luke warm to be honest
Dylan- both quite like this
Zachary- I really like, dh not sure

toomuchpurple Mon 05-Sep-11 09:49:47

Saf and Sam would ound okay. Samuel is okay
Thomas I like
Dylan - Relly like
Zachary - I like but I prefer Zachariah/Zechariah but Zac I really like.

Ihavewelliesbuttheyrenotgreen Mon 05-Sep-11 10:08:54

I think that perhaps Sam and Saf are too similar. Although Sophia and Samuel are not too similar and you can't be sure in the future what their nns will be.

Thomas- I like but I think you have to really like it to use as it is quite popular iyswim.
Dylan- Not that keen and I think it will date. Less classic than Thomas/Samuel.
Zachary- I like this and like Zac for short

Other suggestions

Cereal Mon 05-Sep-11 10:19:04

I think Saf and Sam are too similar, yes.

Sounds like you don't really agree on Thomas or Zachary, but if you both like Dylan that could be a very nice option smile

How about Isaac, Daniel, Jacob/Jake, William, Oliver, Henry?

MardyBra Mon 05-Sep-11 10:20:44

All good solid names but not sure Zachary Astley works together (to many "ah" sounds iykwim)

MelinaM Mon 05-Sep-11 11:09:42

Sophia's lovely

Samuel is nice enough, but absolutely hate Sam ...too canine! Thomas is lovely, not a fan of Zachary I'm afraid.

If you're going with Dylan and pronouncing it Dill-on it should be spelt correctly as Dillon, Dylan is pronounced Dull-ansmile

milkysmum Mon 05-Sep-11 11:50:31

Didn't realise about the pronnunciation of Dylan MelinaM thank you- something to bear in mind!

chandellina Mon 05-Sep-11 11:54:20

sorry but i think that Dylan distinction has been lost on the masses. I have never heard anyone with that name call themselves "dull-an."

have you considered Max?

poppydaisy Mon 05-Sep-11 14:07:44

Sam and Saf way too similar, sorry.

I'd also avoid Thomas/Tom because Tom Astely sounds like Thomas Lee and Thomas Astley doesn't flow well imo. I also don't really like Zac Astley, sorry.

Dylan Astley is nice. Or how about Finnian (Finn) Astley or Quentin (Quinn) Astley or Benedict (Ben) Astley?

MelinaM Mon 05-Sep-11 14:12:25

It's mainly because a lot of people assume Dylan is Dillon, it's not. It's the same as Niamh spelt Neve I feel. Sorry if I'm being pedantic I just feel that the correct spelling and pro-nounciation of names is important.grin

Max is lovelysmile

oohlaalaa Mon 05-Sep-11 14:24:25

I love Thomas and Dylan. Not a fan of Zachary.

oohlaalaa Mon 05-Sep-11 14:24:55

Like Samuel too.

oohlaalaa Mon 05-Sep-11 14:29:00

I live in N Wales and almost everyone pronounces Dylan Dillon, I think its become the standard pronounciation. I have a friend and his parents aunts / uncles etc., use pronounciation Dull-an, but everyone else (him included) say Dillon.

milkysmum Mon 05-Sep-11 15:49:08

Ooh Max is nice, would you use maxwell as the full name? Also like Quinn but can't imagine dh going for it. Not thought of benidict but it is quite nice so maybe one for further thought

pilates Mon 05-Sep-11 15:58:54

I like Thomas best and sounds good with Sophia.

Call him frazer, cool name and goes with astley ! wink

chandellina Mon 05-Sep-11 21:56:05

we have a Max and yes it is Maxwell. We didn't decide on the name until after he was born but I'm now convinced it's the best boy's name. ;)

MazzzaG Mon 05-Sep-11 22:42:25

Like Dylan and zack too, also quite like Ethan, Kieran and Benjamin

flissyfloss Mon 05-Sep-11 22:48:29

Best tell Dylan Thomas fans and Bob Dylan himself that they've been pronouncing their names wrong! Ha! Here's a site about it:
Also Marni / Marnie isn't necessarily short for anything. On baby names it says it means 'from the sea'. Makes sense. :-)

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