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Henrietta nn Hettie?

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Wombat33 Mon 29-Aug-11 10:41:16

Dd1 due in less than 2 weeks and I'm totally snow blind when it comes to her name! We want something pretty and classic with a cute, "feisty" nn, but a full name that she could use as an adult/in a professional context if she chose to. Our current favourite is Hetty (which we love!) as a nn for Henrietta. But I'm worried Henrietta is too "much" somehow. Thoughts please? And please be gentle - hormonal pregnant woman here grin

Kayano Mon 29-Aug-11 10:49:40

I love it.
I love a lot of H names but can't have one myself due to H surname sad

missmiss Mon 29-Aug-11 10:52:22

I love Henrietta - I think it's classic, beautiful and underused. There's always Harriet as an alternative if you decide nor to use it, but personally I'd go for Henrietta smile

Catsu Mon 29-Aug-11 10:53:02

It's nice. I like it but with a noun as a surname couldn't have it!
My dd is philippa with pippa as her everyday nn which also fits your criteria I think!

Cereal Mon 29-Aug-11 10:56:58

I prefer Harriet/Hattie, but Henrietta is nice too. I think "hetty" is a bit like "het up" though, so think Hattie is prettier.

RueyBoey Mon 29-Aug-11 12:21:48

It's nice. I know a Henrietta that is a Henri (Henry) and it suits her. But Hattie is nice (Hettie is fine but prefer Hattie)

Dexifehatz Mon 29-Aug-11 14:42:59

I have a Hattie who is Hattie on her birth certificate.Just put Hettie on the BC.

hulabula Mon 29-Aug-11 19:01:26

Love Henrietta. Henri or Hetty is a cute nickname when she's small.

HattieBistro Mon 29-Aug-11 19:06:23

I love it but it is a big name. I like Etta as a nn.

everlong Mon 29-Aug-11 20:12:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mathanxiety Mon 29-Aug-11 20:15:50

Very nice indeed. I much prefer Henrietta to Harriet. Hettie is lovely.

katherine2008 Tue 30-Aug-11 09:52:18

I love both - it was on my list til we found out dc2 is blue..

Fimbo Tue 30-Aug-11 09:53:47

Hettie is a lovely name and I know a fabulous little girl with this name.

Wombat33 Tue 30-Aug-11 22:30:39

Thank you all! Any other thoughts? I'm kind of surprised no one has mentioned it's a bit "horsey". Is that just my fear?

mathanxiety Wed 31-Aug-11 03:56:04

I don't think so at all.

Wombat33 Wed 31-Aug-11 12:04:52

Thanks mathanxiety

10isenough Wed 31-Aug-11 14:28:55

My dd2 is called Henrietta so obviously I think its ace! It is a big name but that's exactly why it suites our 'out there' 2 year old. We had agreed on Etta as a nn (not Hettie as it sounds slightly twee to me (just personal preference, sorry) but it hasn't come up - we only use Henrietta and I'm really pleased with it. May be being a bit smug, but I think its really original!

mumofbumblebea Thu 01-Sep-11 16:25:29

Henrietta is beautiful! Hettie is a fab nn

Wombat33 Thu 01-Sep-11 18:05:01

Thank you all!

MelinaM Thu 01-Sep-11 18:09:32

Lovely namesmile

zozzle Thu 01-Sep-11 19:19:33

Sorry to buck the trend but not keen at all - sounds v. public school to my ears. This would be a good thing to a lot of MNetters I know but doesn't float my boat and makes me cringe. I guess these names are getting more popular though. Henry is just as bad.

I like Harriet though with NN Harry. Hate Hettie, Hattie, type of names though - a bit faddy IMVHO.

Ok, looks like I'm the only one who feels this way! I prefer names to sound a bit more down to earth I guess.

Probably fine if you are v. posh and public school though.

Wombat33 Thu 01-Sep-11 21:16:54

Thanks zozzle. I appreciate your honest opinion. It's difficult when you've been over-analysing something to get an objective perspective on how others might perceive it.

DesertOrchid Sun 04-Sep-11 11:20:33

I'm not really keen I taught one who HATED it. And her friends all called her Hetz, which was horrible too!

bluebeach Mon 05-Sep-11 13:35:26

Love the name Hettie, We use it as a nn for our little girl Hester.

emmyloo2 Wed 07-Sep-11 09:01:28

Absolutely adore it. Love Hettie, Henri as nns.

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