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Ruben OK or not?

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DiamondsRaGirlsBestfriend Mon 29-Aug-11 09:27:48

Agggh, I have done the ultimate foolish thing in choosing baby names and told the in laws - was chatting yesterday and just gave them a whole list of names we had thought about inc Ruben (the only name we can kind of agree on and has taken us ALONG time to get this far) . Everyone said - 'oh no you cant call him that' . I was feeling hormonal so didn't ask why (DH wasn't there). It needs to be spelt Ruben (not Reuben) as DH is really keen to have something that reflect his Spanish roots. I really like old testament names but not really common ones (e.g Daniel) - this will also go with our DD1's name

I know if I had just presented them with a baby and said 'he's called Ruben' it would have been fine .... and I didn't say that's what we are def going to call him (because I don't think they would have reacted in the way they did)...but now I feel a bit weird about the name... it wasn't a top name for either of us more a compromise. SO people - honestly what do you think - is it awful??? Shall we just say stuff them that's what he's called?

muminthemiddle Mon 29-Aug-11 10:39:15

I was wondering about the spelling but other than that I like the name.
I think perhaps it might seem to "out there" for older relatives? But seriously it is a name I see to see a lot on mn but haven't come across in rl so I would say go for it.
Fashions change and in a couple of years I bet it will be more common place but not too popular.
Don't mention it to them again but stick to your guns.

CointreauVersial Mon 29-Aug-11 10:42:34

Like the name, but you will find most people in the UK will mis-spell it.

Never tell anyone your name ideas until you have decided; everyone has different views and you will get confused and depressed.

FWIW, my mum didn't like DD2's name at all when she was born, but now she absolutely loves it. Because it's her.

DiamondsRaGirlsBestfriend Mon 29-Aug-11 11:14:41

as soon as I told them I regretted it!! Never again wink Yeah I do agree with spelling esp as we have a foreign surname....DH was set on it having a spainsh spelling (DD name is spelt the English way)- but I'll show him this thread (he knows you can't argue with he collective power of MN) grin

mumnosbest Mon 29-Aug-11 11:16:49

I love this name but my friend picked it first. I also like Ralphie and Raoul

Kirstle Mon 29-Aug-11 11:24:02

Reuben is gorgeous. Perfect...

and it's meaning is lovely, esp for a first dc or first ds: ''Behold, a son!'' I just love the pure joy in that meaning, but then again, I am a name meaning nut.

No point in people telling you not to tell anyone now, what's done is done... as another poster said, just don't mention it again. You are the one that is going to be saying that name several times for the next x years, so make sure it's a name you adore smile

Good luck!

louby86 Mon 29-Aug-11 11:46:43

One of my friends has a Reuben, another has Ruben and they are both gorgeous! It's not a popular name either which I think is nice (my two friends don't know each other and live in different counties). I really like it! My MIL didn't like the first name we suggested so we've decided to just not talk about names with people and just tell them what he/she is when they're born. At the end of the day all that matters is that both parents like it!

KenDoddsDadsDog Mon 29-Aug-11 11:58:10

All that matters is what you like.
Reuben for some reason is quite popular here in NE England. All I can think of is Ruben Studdard

ohbabybaby Mon 29-Aug-11 20:31:02

Love it, know a lovely little Ruben. And don't worry about the spelling - the majority of people wouldn't be sure where the e and u go in Reuben anyway and would have to stop and think and probably get it wrong, Ruben is actually simpler spelling and you have a good reason for spelling it that way.

Go for it!

Cereal Mon 29-Aug-11 20:39:01

Personally I'm not that keen on R(e)uben, but it's a perfectly good Biblical name, so use it if you like it! I was going to say use the Reuben spelling but if you have Spanish connections then fine to use the Spanish version (if you're prepared to often have people question it!)

vincentvangogh Mon 29-Aug-11 20:47:01

Love the name but think the Spanish spelling might be a problem. However, if you have a Spanish second name, people won't automatically assume parents too thick to spellcheck.

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