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Shortlist is done - Be brutal, I can take it.

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Imnotdarrellrivers Mon 29-Aug-11 00:28:54

We got it down to 3 of each so what do you think. The names really could go in any order and they all go with our surname and initials don't spell anything odd, so that all covered

Nate Eddy Tomos
Emyr Fin Eddy
Ross Eddy Owain

Cassie Erin Susanna
Nia Catriona Luna
Alexa Manon Mary

If it is a girl and born on due date then one of the mns will be Concepta, not sure which we would get rid of though as yet.

So come on - opinions please

Kayano Mon 29-Aug-11 00:42:41

I like the Nate combo for a boy

My least gave combo is the Nia one for a girl. They all end in A! My fave girl combo is the Alexa one but would maybe switch Mary as Maron Mary is a bit too much?

Maybe Alexa Maron Luna?

SwedishEdith Mon 29-Aug-11 00:44:51


Nate Eddy Tomos - no, no,no. What's with all the non-standard spellings?
Emyr Fin Eddy - No, again
Ross Eddy Owain - Don't like but am now getting the feeling you're Welsh hence spellings? Why Eddy and not Edward/Eddie?

Cassie Erin Susanna - Susanne is lovely so use as first name
Nia Catriona Luna - this is quite pretty. Luna is quite cool.
Alexa Manon Mary - Pretty again but I'd go for Manon as first name

Why do none of your girl's names options have a name or two in common?

Tortington Mon 29-Aug-11 00:48:22

is this a european thing with the long names - the concepta thing? it it cultural is it religeous?

if not

here goes

concepta - are you crazy?

Nate Eddy Tomos

why not thomas - is tomos a relative or something?

Emyr Fin Eddy - is this a cultural thing? if not, wtf?

Ross Eddy Owain is owain really needed?

Cassie Erin Susanna - fine

Nia Catriona Luna what the fuck

Alexa Manon Mary manon?

Imnotdarrellrivers Mon 29-Aug-11 00:50:12

yep welsh swedish so they all have one welsh name in them (DP isn't)
Eddy is my dad and he's not Edward hence not using that

DP and me couldn't agree on mn at all which is why none are the same, they would be if I had included Concepta but that might not even be used and it is the only mn for girls we could agree on.

Imnotdarrellrivers Mon 29-Aug-11 00:52:36

Oh and concepta is really for DP granny (irish) as due date in Dec 8th. For the whole irish thing and to passify her for us not being married (she was not happy)

sancerrre Mon 29-Aug-11 00:54:44

I like the Ross combination for a boy and the Cassie or Nia combination for a girl.

uppityduppity Mon 29-Aug-11 00:56:03

Nia combination my favourite for a girl and Ross for the boy. I like the names. I don't like Concepta though.

mathanxiety Mon 29-Aug-11 01:18:37

Concepta is a TERRIBLE name. I knew a family that had a Concepta and a Dymphna <gaaaagh>. I hope for her sake she misses her due date.

If you must go for one of the Marian names why not Mary for a mn for all three girls. Or Consuela (I know it's not related to the 8th December) or Marian, Marianne, Marie, Maria, etc.?

All of the girl combinations are nice, and I like Nate Eddy Tomos for a boy.

Offspring Mon 29-Aug-11 02:56:55

I like Nate Eddy Tomos for a boy.

I'm not a huge fan of the girl combinations (although there are some lovely names in there). If I was to make my own from them I would have either Susanna Erin Mary or Erin Mary Alexa. Of the existing combinations I would choose Cassie Erin Susanna.

Cereal Mon 29-Aug-11 09:08:51

Ross Eddy Owain

Nia Catriona Luna

MmeLindor. Mon 29-Aug-11 09:16:43

I don't think that your names flow.

Nate Eddy Tomos - Ok, I get that you want to honour your Dad, but there is no flow to the name. Nate Edward Thomas is much nicer. Nate Eddy sounds like a Scots person saying "Nae teddy"

Emyr Fin Eddy is awful, sorry.

Ross Edward Owain is great. Could you use Edward?

Cassie Erin Susanna - all good names but the combination is not good.

Nia Catriona Luna - too many 'n's in there.

Alexa Manon Mary is nicer, but not so keen on Manon.

How about Catriona Alexa? Catriona Alexa Mary?

And Nate Edward Owain?

Do you need a third name?

MorallyBankrupt Mon 29-Aug-11 09:32:41

Nathaniel Edward?

All the rest. No. Just no.

Cereal Mon 29-Aug-11 10:00:42

Edward Thomas
Mary Susanna

muminthemiddle Mon 29-Aug-11 10:33:28

The only one I like is Nate but Prefer Nathan. Is Tomos the traditional Welsh spelling?

Imnotdarrellrivers Mon 29-Aug-11 11:54:59

mumsin yep Tomos is welsh spelling. As is Owain, Emyr, Erin, Nia and Manon.

Again don't really want Edward - as dad is just Eddy. But I probably could be persuaed. Just not as a first name

I'm not fussed on 3 names - that is DP thing, so there we go. I much prefer just 2. But I do want one of the names to be welsh definatly

As I said the order of the names could change and actually two of the options could be mixed.

MmeLindor. Mon 29-Aug-11 12:02:39

Ah, ok. I get the "odd" (for me) spellings.

Owain Tomas gets my vote then.

Mary Alexa (Manon)

Oh dear - none of them are working for me, sorry. They all look strange written down and don't 'flow' very well when said aloud. The girls' combos have too many 'A' and 'N's.

I like Cassie but would have Cassandra as the given name. I don't mind Nate but would have Nathan. I do quite like Tomos.

Catriona is a name that I particularly dislike, sorry but Concepta is even worse. Sorry.

Cassandra Erin and Tomos Nathan would be my choices.

flimflammery Mon 29-Aug-11 12:21:47

I think middle names don't really matter too much, as they're rarely used or made public. Do you live in Wales? If not, I would make the more unusual or unusually-spelt Welsh names into middle names so they don't have to spend their life spelling them out to people. I like the idea of honouring GPs or other family with middle names too.
For a first name, my favourites from your list are
Ross or Owain
Erin, Susanna, Nia, Catriona, Alexa or Manon

I don't like shortened forms of names as given names (Nate or Cassie).

RueyBoey Mon 29-Aug-11 12:33:37

Speaking as someone with Concepta as a mn - DON'T DO IT, IT IS AWFUL. Stand up to your DP's meme. It is an awful name. Just use Mary. I'm not a fan of 3 names (well I have 5 and I've always wanted 2 so that might be part of it)

If you could use Edward not Eddy then do, it'll make the names flow better. Your welsh names don't really strike me as very very welsh (correct me if I am wrong) So I would definatly keep them in. I prefer Cassie by itself not as Cassandra

I've re-jigged some of them

Tomos Edward Nate (I like Nate but Nathan sounds better)
Emyr Ross
Owain Eddy

Cassie Manon
Nia Luna
Alexa Mary (Quick google search Mari is welsh version so you could stick that in instead of Mary - you get welsh and meme is happy) Alexa Mari

mathanxiety Mon 29-Aug-11 16:58:39

Mari Alexa sounds nice?

SecretCodesandBattleships Mon 29-Aug-11 18:09:37

Nate and Cassie are my favourites! Love Cassie!!!

Panzee Mon 29-Aug-11 18:13:20

I think 3 names per gender is a short enough list to wait till he/she is born.

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