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Completely stuck.

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Busybee21 Thu 25-Aug-11 11:30:28

With a week to go until due date we are completely stuck! DH is obsessed with the name Aspen for a boy which I DESPISE! He has also vetoed almost every single name I have come up with for a girl. We have decided to agree on a few of names for each sex, opinions?

Ralph Perry
Austin Barnaby
Cedric Maxwell

Isla Penelope
Scarlett Elise
Tamsin Cleo

Any other suggestions would also be great as we aren't sure we really love any of these names

StrandedBear Thu 25-Aug-11 11:40:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaTristesse Thu 25-Aug-11 11:41:08

How many syllables is your surname?

I like Isla, and Elise is very pretty. Can't say I'm feeling any of your boys names either sorry (but I am a mare when it comes to boys names).

How about...

Boys: Cyrus, Seth, Ashton, Linden, Amos, Angus...
Girls: Iona, Orla, Caitlin, India, Erin, Celia...

minipie Thu 25-Aug-11 11:45:49

Austin Barnaby is by far (by FAR) the best of your boys' names. I really like the name Austin, and Barnaby is sweet.

IMO Cedric is a goody-goody name and Ralph is a penis (in the Judy Blume book Forever).

I like Tamsin Cleo and Scarlett Elise a lot. (But Tamsin Elise is even better).

Grumpla Thu 25-Aug-11 11:48:25

I don't like Ralph, but I think both Austin and Cedric are lovely.

Of the girls I think Scarlett is a) quite popular at the moment and b) a bit of a 'sexy' name so I wouldn't go for that. I think Isla and Tamsin are both lovely names, I would probably prefer Tamsin as I like the nn Tammy.

I like all your middle names.

Grumpla Thu 25-Aug-11 11:48:54

Oh yes. Ralph is totally a penis, I'm afraid.

CurwySwide Thu 25-Aug-11 12:19:00

Out of the boys, I really don't like Ralph or Cedric, sorry, but Austin is ok. Love Barnaby - why not have that as a first name?

Isla is my favourite by far out of the girls' names, then Tamsin. Not sure about Scarlett though.

Agree that Angus is a gorgeous name; or what about Hamish?

brodanbell Thu 25-Aug-11 12:55:49

Ralph = penis
Ralph Perry = lecherous driving instructor

Austin is nice, Barnaby is also nice. Maxwell is ok, but prefer just Max to be honest.

Cedric - please don't.

On the other hand your girls names are lovely. Scarlett Elise is my favourite combo. Tamsin is also pretty and works nicely with Cleo - or Elise for that matter. Like Isla too, not sure about Penelope but as it is a middle name I don't think it matters.

LaLaLaLayla Thu 25-Aug-11 13:15:24

I love Austin & Tamsin.

Don't like the others.

DialMforMummy Thu 25-Aug-11 13:15:47

Isla is super popular these days. Otherwise lie the other girls' names.
Austin Barnaby is my favourite. Dislike the others.

DialMforMummy Thu 25-Aug-11 13:15:54


ShoutyHamster Thu 25-Aug-11 13:22:54

Apsen is hideous.

Unfortunately, so are the rest of the boy names except Barnaby...they're all a bit in the '70s-80s lecherous wide-boy' category!!

Isla nice but very popular
Penelope nice

Not sure about the others.

Boys - Angus? Arthur? If Barnaby, how about Gregory?

ScrambledSmegs Thu 25-Aug-11 13:49:04

Barnaby is lovely. Have just added it to my list (right above Benedict), thanks OP! Austin makes me think of SXSW so I quite like it. The others don't really do it for me, sorry.

The girls names are pretty but very popular now, but go for it if you like them. We went a bit off the wall for DD's full name, but the short 'everyday' version is top 10, and we don't care. I've not actually met another one yet, though.

kelly2000 Thu 25-Aug-11 14:12:19

I like Ralph when it is pronounced rafe like ralph Fiennes, but not when it is pronounced ralf. How would you be pronouncing it?

Busybee21 Thu 25-Aug-11 14:18:08

would be prenounced like Ralph Fiennes

LaTristesse Thu 25-Aug-11 14:36:39

Rafe reminds me of Rafe Spall (gags)

bigbluebump Thu 25-Aug-11 14:52:55

I love all your boys name, especially Ralph and Cedric - both are classic but underused names. Work well in other languages as well.

I don't really like your girls' names but if I had to choose, I'd say Tamsin. Really dislike Scarlett (little scar) and Isla (very well used already).

tummytickler Thu 25-Aug-11 16:29:23

Cedric is fabulous, I absolutely love it! Not too keen on the others, not keen on any of the girls names, but Tamsin is the best. Would you consider Penelope for a first name?

bittentothequick Thu 25-Aug-11 16:40:50

Austin, Isla or Tamsin.
Scarlett too common. Don't like the other boys names.

hollyw Thu 25-Aug-11 17:07:45

I like Austin Barnaby

Ralph Perry sounds like a combo of Ralph Lauren +Fred Perry to me

Cedric just isn't for me

I like Isla and Scarlett


plinkplonk Thu 25-Aug-11 17:27:47

Ralph Perry - like
Austin Barnaby - don't like this
Cedric Maxwell - awful

Isla Penelope - lovely
Scarlett Elise - too many Scarletts around
Tamsin Cleo - lovely

Cereal Thu 25-Aug-11 18:02:06

I'd mix them up as follows:

Maxwell Austin, or Austin Maxwell, or Barnaby Ralph

Penelope Scarlett, Scarlett Penelope or Tamsin Elise

Happymum22 Fri 26-Aug-11 14:59:22

Ah sorry! I hate people critisising my names but as you asked have said what pops into my head/connotations!

Ralph Perry - reminds me of Ralph Lauren so very posh and Ralph alone reminds me of a hamster or Judy Blume book (lots of teenagers read them) as someone mentioned- the teenage girl nicknames her boyfriend's penis Ralph.
Austin Barnaby - reminds me of Austin Powers, know it as a surname.. like Barnaby and know a few Barneys
Cedric Maxwell - Cedric alone sounds like a sciency geek/nerd

Isla Penelope - Like Isla. Penelope as first name would be a Penny
Scarlett Elise - Like
Tamsin Cleo - Tamsin would be nn Tammy.. and i like Cleo

magicmelons Fri 26-Aug-11 18:38:55

What about Aubrey?? Just a thought, i like it but DH is having none of it.

halecromp Tue 30-Aug-11 00:03:18

I love all of them but my favourites are Austin Barnaby and Scarlett Elise (I have a dd called Scarlett so am biased) x

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