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final decision!

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AnnMarie82 Tue 23-Aug-11 15:55:11

After much deliberation DH and I have narrowed the shortlist down to three names for each sex. As we are expecting twins we will be chosing one name from each list.

Lennox Reuben Olivier
Asher James Nicholas
Miles Gideon Silas

Tallulah Georgina Bo
Emilia Gabriella Quinn
Stephanie Juliet Coco

What are your oppinions on the names and what are your favourite boy/girl combinations? Also the two names have to fit in with the name of DS1 Chester Stan Arlo. Any help much appreciated!

hester Tue 23-Aug-11 15:59:38

From your boys names, I likes Asher way the best. It's a great name. I really like some of the middle names too: Reuben, Gideon and Silas.

For the girls, I love Tallulah but think it is the sort of name a girl has to live up to, and so I would never use it myself. (You have to be a sexy vamp to be a Tallulah, don't you? How will she feel if she's a shy tomboy?) Ditto Coco. I think Georgia and Stephanie are ok. Quinn doesn't work for me. I like Juliet but prefer Julia. Emilia is nice.

In conclusion, if I were you I'd be going for Asher Reuben Silas and Emilia Tallulah Juliet grin. That is a LOT of names, though - do you owe about a million relatives?

AnnMarie82 Tue 23-Aug-11 16:01:10

Our middle names don't have any special meaning, there are just a lot of names we love!

cookielove Tue 23-Aug-11 16:02:11

Lennox Reuben Olivier - Not sure about Lennox but like the rest
Asher James Nicholas - Like it
Miles Gideon Silas - pass

Tallulah Georgina Bo - Lots of long names but pretty
Emilia Gabriella Quinn - like Emilia and Quinn
Stephanie Juliet Coco - only like Coco

Of those names i would use

Asher Reuben


Quinn Emilia

birdofthenorth Tue 23-Aug-11 16:03:26

Love love love Lennox Reuben, two of my favourite names together!

Like Asher a lot too but James is a bit "done" as a MN (3 boys with James as a MN out of the 4 boys I know well born this year!).

Stephanie Juliet Coco is sheer fabulousness, so long as you're for with Steph as an nn (I like it, reckon it's inevitable).

Your DS1 has an excellent name!

birdofthenorth Tue 23-Aug-11 16:04:23

PS I like Silas too. Asher Nicholas Silas would be better than James as a MN IMHO!

AnnMarie82 Tue 23-Aug-11 16:05:05

Birdofthenorth we were thinking of using Effie as a nn for Stephanie, if she was called this at home do you think it would catch on with friends/teachers etc?

AnnMarie82 Tue 23-Aug-11 16:35:36

Another thing to point out they are to go with a four sylablle surname beginning with M...

LetThereBeRock Tue 23-Aug-11 16:42:29

Emilia and Miles.

picnicbasketcase Tue 23-Aug-11 16:44:33

Asher and Emilia.

mathanxiety Tue 23-Aug-11 16:54:22

Lennox Reuben Olivier -- Love. Lennox is fab.
Asher James Nicholas -- Very nice. Though I think Asher is a name that is going to really take off.
Miles Gideon Silas -- Miles is a bit wishy washy imo, and too close to the trendy Milo.

Tallulah Georgina Bo -- Lovely and very stylish.
Emilia Gabriella Quinn -- Emilia is very nice but also very popular when you factor in Amelias (and even Amelies) too.
Stephanie Juliet Coco -- Stephanie seems a bit 70s to me. I would go with Juliet Stephanie Coco.

I would choose Lennox and Tallulah, with Asher and Emilia as second choice.

AnnMarie82 Tue 23-Aug-11 17:03:15

does anyone have any nn suggestions for Miles, Tallulah and Asher?

everlong Tue 23-Aug-11 17:03:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mathanxiety Tue 23-Aug-11 17:06:19

Milo or Miley?
Lula or Lulu?
Sneezy ? Ash?

AnnMarie82 Tue 23-Aug-11 17:06:52

If using it would be Olivier not Oliver

mathanxiety Tue 23-Aug-11 17:07:24

Olivier is really nice.

InstantAtom Tue 23-Aug-11 17:55:38

Lennox Reuben Olivier

Emilia Gabriella Quinn

tammytoby Tue 23-Aug-11 18:39:03

Lennox is lovely.

(Miles is the plural of Mile to my ears, like naming your child Kilometres grin).

Love Tallulah.

Quinn is a boys name to me - it is my nephew's name (short for Quentin).

minipie Tue 23-Aug-11 19:43:58


Asher James Nicholas. No question.


Emilia Gabriella Quinn or Stephanie Juliet Coco

(Emilia Gabrielle Coco would be better though).

ChippingIn Tue 23-Aug-11 19:54:39

Reuben James Lennox
Emilia Georgina Quinn (though I prefer Amelia)

Definitely not Stephanie Juliet Coco - for some reason it just sounds like the NATO phonetic alphabet!

If you go for Stephanie with Effie as a nn - would you pronounce it Eeeefie or F.E.?

gailpottertilsleyplatt Tue 23-Aug-11 20:01:16

Why do you want nicknames for your kids?

gailpottertilsleyplatt Tue 23-Aug-11 23:56:28

Oh, I've just realised this is a wind-up grin

No-one - not even a MumsNetter - would give their kids such poncey string of names!

Well done!

AnnMarie82 Wed 24-Aug-11 13:18:40

Thanks gailpotter but I can assure you that this is not a wind up. I can't see anything 'poncey' about the names I am considering to call my children. Also I would choose to nickname them as some of our chosen names are quite long and it is therefore inconvenient to call them by their full name the whole time.

chippingin we would prenounce Effie as in F.E

poppydaisy Wed 24-Aug-11 13:21:13

gailpotter, where do you live that you find the suggested names poncy//shock? You should hear my childrens' names grin.

The only comment I 'd like to make is that to me Quinn is a boys name. I know a few boys named this, either on its own or short for Quentin.

mathanxiety Wed 24-Aug-11 15:41:22

I can see Quinn as a girl's name. I wouldn't use it as I mostly see it as an Irish surname and knew a family of that name. My mother would have a heart attack if I even suggested it as she knew the same family...

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