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cannot decide!

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AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 17:38:47

Hello, I'm Anna-Marie and I'm due boy/girl twins on 29th September (not long yet!). Everything is in place for their arrival except the names! What are your oppinions on these?

Hugo Gideon Silas
Barnaby Reuben Asher
Jasper James Amos
Nicholas Olivier Darcy
Lennox Miles Fabian

Poppy Coco Isadora
Georgina Beau Tallulah
Emilia Juliet Asha
Stephanie Gabriella Quinn
Eden Coco Matilda

MockingbirdsNotForSale Mon 22-Aug-11 17:58:10

Hugo Gideon Silas- Like Hugo and Silas not so sure on Gideon but it sounds good altogether.
Barnaby Reuben Asher- Prefer Reuben Asher Barnaby
Jasper James Amos - Nice
Nicholas Olivier Darcy -I like Olivier smile I did think Darcy is more female these days.
Lennox Miles Fabian- I'm not really a fan of this one.

Poppy Coco Isadora - Poppy is very popular at the moment.
Georgina Beau Tallulah - Beau is a boys name. Perhaps it could be Bo? I like Georgina, not so sure on Tallulah
Emilia Juliet Asha- Very pretty
Stephanie Gabriella Quinn- Pretty and unusual
Eden Coco Matilda- Not so keen on the combo and Eden's not my bag really.

You have some good boys names that will grow with him and some of your girls names are very pretty pretty. From your boys names I would plump for the Georgina, Emilia or Stephanie combos.
Congratulations and Good luck!

minipie Mon 22-Aug-11 18:02:33


Hmmm - this is just a personal opinion, but I think if using three names, it's better if at least one of them is a fairly common/plain name, ideally one syllable. Otherwise it can all sound a bit too "frilly" and over the top, if you know what I mean. So for example I would prefer Emilia Juliet Anne to Emilia Juliet Asha.

However, of the combinations you've posted, I like "Nicholas Olivier Darcy" and "Emilia Juliet Asha" best.

I wouldn't call a girl "Beau" as it's a masculine adjective. I'd also avoid Quinn since it's too associated with Glee!

AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 18:34:49

also just to point out as well that I wouldn't be using Asher and Asha together, I just like them both!

AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 19:06:33

MockingBirdsNotForSale - think we will change to Bo if it's more feminine

minipie Mon 22-Aug-11 19:13:53

What about Belle? That's the female equivalent and is very pretty IMO

InstantAtom Mon 22-Aug-11 19:21:27

What a lovely list of names - great choices! They're all very nice but here are a few comments...

Hugo Gideon Silas - like, although the g and G are a bit close together so doesn't flow quite as well as it could
Barnaby Reuben Asher - OK but personally not keen on Barnaby and find Asher a bit feminine
Jasper James Amos - like
Nicholas Olivier Darcy - like, although again Darcy a little feminine
Lennox Miles Fabian - great, like this best of your options smile

Poppy Coco Isadora - like
Georgina Beau Tallulah - Georgina is lovely but I'm not keen on Beau
Emilia Juliet Asha - lovely smile
Stephanie Gabriella Quinn - like the first two names, not keen on Quinn
Eden Coco Matilda - not so keen on Eden or Matilda, they're a bit faddy compared to some of your lovely classic options

scarlettlips Mon 22-Aug-11 19:24:50

Ohhh's tough picking 1 name but 2!

Hugo Gideon Silas - Strong
Barnaby Reuben Asher - Very sweet, also another strong name.
Jasper James Amos - This is really lovely, are you happy for him to be called JJ as it might get shorted??
Nicholas Olivier Darcy - My fav..lovely lovely lovely name. Very Classic.
Lennox Miles Fabian - I would switch it too Miles Fabian Lennox, but that's just me! grin

Poppy Coco Isadora - Again i'd switch it too Coco Isadora..not keen on Poppy.
Georgina Beau Tallulah - don't like Beau, but the rest is lovely.
Emilia Juliet Asha - Sweet
Stephanie Gabriella Quinn - LOVE
Eden Coco Matilda - Coco Eden Matilda flows better imo

Love the name Coco..would love a DD called this. But Charlotte nn Coco.

So in short my vote is for...Stephanie and Nicholas.

Best of luck with the last few weeks and for the birth, I'm sure you'll be immense!

AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 19:37:00

other names to add to the list are
Rowan Kit Orlando
Margaux Juliet Isla

scarlettlips Mon 22-Aug-11 19:41:33

Ohhhhh AnnMarie LOVE KIT. It's on our list. I'd spell it Rohan Kit Orlando..I knew 2 girls called Rowan. The boys I know spell it Rohan.

Not sure if that helps?

AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 19:44:04

that's really helpful thanks, just the kind of feedback I'm looking for! It would be awful if he turned up at school with the same name as one of the girls!

Dilligaf81 Mon 22-Aug-11 19:48:13

All gorgeous choices well done you having soo many good options. I struggled with 2 names for all of mine.

Hugo Gideon Silas - Love this a frined has used Silas for her son's middle name never heard it before.

Poppy Coco Isadora - Love this.

I have a Poppy and although everyone say's it's popular I have 4 children aged 6- 13 mths and none have ever been in nursery or class with another Poppy. Theres not another one in the whole infants and juniors and it's not a small school. so depends on where you live I suppose.
I love coco as a middle name but as a first name thinks it's more like a nickname a bit try hard to be boho (IMO)

MockingbirdsNotForSale Mon 22-Aug-11 20:04:04

I love Kit too. I've always loved it and have always wanted it for a boy but thats not going to happen. Go for Kit!!

I prefer Margot to Margaux as she'd have to spend her life re-spelling it for everyone.

AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 20:25:47

thanks so much for the comment! obviously we love all the names on there so any other combination suggestions would also be great

woowa Mon 22-Aug-11 20:34:52

In my family it's d'Arcy, which is the french root of the name, and so if people are worried about Darcy being too feminine (which is isn't) then try d'Arcy. My grandpa was d'Arcy and i used to love addressing letters Mr d'A Surname. Much posher too. Asher also sounds masculine to me, it's one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Def a boy. Nothing much else to add to the above!

AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 20:36:34

Asher is on the boys list with Asha on the girls list. What I want to avoid though is having one twin with the middle name Asher and the other with the middle name Asha!

InstantAtom Mon 22-Aug-11 20:45:09

Jasper Nicholas Miles
Hugo James Reuben
James Lennox Fabian
Amos Fabian Jasper
Nicholas Hugo Miles

Georgina Coco Isadora
Poppy Juliet Eden
Juliet Emilia Stephanie
Gabriella Poppy Matilda
Isadora Georgina Stephanie

InstantAtom Mon 22-Aug-11 20:47:42

Personally I don't like your most recent suggestions of Rowan Kit Orlando and Margaux Juliet Isla as much as your original list.

Rowan, Kit, Margaux and Isla are all a bit more on the trendy/faddy side than the more classic names you like IMHO, although Juliet is nice.

AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 21:30:25

thanks for the responses, as their arrival is getting closer I am really panicking that they will remain nameless forever!

AnnMarie82 Mon 22-Aug-11 21:47:27

Just another thing as it is twins what names do you think would sound good together? It's a boy and a girl so idealy I want them to sound good together without being matchy

exoticfruits Mon 22-Aug-11 22:09:16

Nicholas and Georgina

proudfoot Tue 23-Aug-11 03:19:05

For a girl I like Emilia Juliet Asha.

For a boy I like all except Lennox. Maybe Nicholas Olivier Darcy best. I love Darcy on a boy.

scarlettlips Tue 23-Aug-11 09:58:03

AnnMarie will you be calling the twins in order that they arrive..?

IMO all the names go really well together apart from Eden and Lennox..I feel they don't really flow...

Hugo and Poppy or Poppy and Hugo - LOVE
Jasper and Georgian or Georgian and Jasper -also LOVE very sweet.
Nicholas and Poppy or Poppy and Nicholas
Jasper and Poppy or Poppy and Jasper
Nicholas and Emilia or Emilia and Nicholas
Stephanie and Nicholas or Nicholas and Stephanie
Stephanie and Hugo or Hugo and Stephanie
Jasper and Stephanie or Stephanie and Jasper

You get the idea...grin grin

AnnMarie82 Tue 23-Aug-11 12:01:23

Scarlett As it's a boy and a girl I hadn't thought about naming them in order, I think I would just say it in the order that sounds best.

oohlaalaa Tue 23-Aug-11 12:44:22

Nicholas and Barnaby are my favourites of the boys, not too keen on the others. With the girls, I like them all but Eden (I think of Cacherel Eden, sorry)

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