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Queenie! *Yay or Nay?)

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BlackadderWentForthToMultiply Mon 22-Aug-11 01:47:49

Our daughter (ETA 3+ months) I'd like to call her Queenie but my DW may have some other ideas. persuasive arguments for and against please! cheers.

ZacharyQuack Mon 22-Aug-11 01:55:37


BlackadderWentForthToMultiply Mon 22-Aug-11 02:02:22

famous examples of Queenie include:

Queenie Chu (born 1981), Hong Kong television presenter and actress
Queenie Leavis (1900-1982), English literary critic and essayist
Queenie McKenzie (circa 1930-1998), Australian artist
Queenie Newall (1854-1929), British archer
Queenie Rosson (1889-1978), American silent film actress
Queenie Smith (1898-1978), American stage musical performer
Queenie Watts (1926-1980), English actress
Queenie (1886-1969) aka Stephanie St. Clair, a French gangster who operated out of New York's Harlem

lifted from Wikipedia

Wabbit Mon 22-Aug-11 02:20:32

No, no, oooh nooooh... just no!

Sounds like an old, 'purple rinse' haired, dance hall shuffling, fag ash spilling, bleeding red lipstick wearing, wee smelling wrinkly to me - soz

TanteRose Mon 22-Aug-11 02:26:00


how about "Nursie" grin

or actually (seriously now) how about Rowan/Rowen? can be used for boys or girls

sweatybutslightlysmug Mon 22-Aug-11 02:29:24

What about a real Queen's name - Elizabeth, Kate Camilla etc, with Queenie as the nn?

BlackadderWentForthToMultiply Mon 22-Aug-11 03:13:29

sweatlybutslightly i did consider a queens name, with queenie as NN. i like queenie because of the old englishness of it and also the blackadder connection is brilliant... but by that logic i'd be looking at baldrick. Dolly after parton is my other choice....

Wabbit Mon 22-Aug-11 03:22:15


You are not serious - thank goodness you are not alone in naming your baby

libelulle Mon 22-Aug-11 03:41:38

I think of an old crone with false teeth and hair, like bert's wife in Adrian mole. Sorry!

MoominsAreScary Mon 22-Aug-11 03:44:21

Your child will not thank you

Thumbwitch Mon 22-Aug-11 04:29:00

I don't actually mind Queenie. It's sort of the next generation along from the Doris/Mildred/Elsie/Maud brigade, so you're a little ahead of your time - but give it another 10 years and there will be loads of them, so go for it. smile

I have it in mind that I know you as another poster, OP - are you? Have you had a Very Helpful 20w scan that told you your baby is a DD now then?
If you have no clue what I am talking about, then ignore! grin

Thumbwitch Mon 22-Aug-11 04:31:28

P.S. - I can't stand Dolly. It just makes me squirm - makes me think that the people think of their baby as a doll, not a real baby. Ick.
And that's despite Dolly Parton, despite one of my nan's best friends being called Dolly, despite another very good eldely friend having a sister called Dolly (the latter two I know it was a nn for Dorothy - don't know about Ms Parton though).

notevenamousie Mon 22-Aug-11 04:39:08

I think its truly awful but at least we're not talking circumcision
And surely with the amazing cultural heritage your lovely girl is going to be born into, you could think of something really beautiful?

acatcalledbob Mon 22-Aug-11 04:55:05

No, it's taking "old lady chic" beyond the "chic". It's not pretty enough... Not keen on lots of the more "old lady" names but like old fashioned names like Iris, Verity, Martha, Rose, Lucille etc

BlackadderWentForthToMultiply Mon 22-Aug-11 05:11:21

thumbwitch hello you! yeah we had a little look see (private-expensive but no waiting or taking up resources) and we are fairly sure we're having a little girl. excited is an under-statement. I LIKE DORIS!

noteveni think Queenie is beautiful.

how about...


notevenamousie Mon 22-Aug-11 05:14:28

I know an Ella and a Grace which clouds my judgement (2 of dd's best little friends) but I also like Miriam and Sophia.

BlackadderWentForthToMultiply Mon 22-Aug-11 05:15:07

wow we're having a girl. need to go and have a sit down and brew

Thumbwitch Mon 22-Aug-11 05:56:06

Aha! thought it was you smile Very pleased your dilemma has been resolved for you this time - but sort it out before next time.

Miriam - love this, and nn Mim as well. Nice cross-cultural name too.
Clementine - not so keen (hate the fruits!) but like Cleo as a nn.
Grace - very popular at the mo, especially as a middle name
Ella - quite popular, not as much as Ellie though
Beatrice - nice enough - Trixy or Ticky as a nn?
Scarlet - would spell it with two Ts, but is also quite popular at the moment
Sophia - Sophie is ick and she'd probably end up being called that, which is ALSO very popular
Shefali - I like this! Different, cultural, pretty
Shelly - no.

Have a look at this page for alternative names beginning with Q - I quite like Quenna as an alternative but I'm quite sure no one else will!

BlackadderWentForthToMultiply Mon 22-Aug-11 06:23:41

had a quick peek. Quinn! like in medicine woman! teehee. i do like it though not as much as Doris . yeah i wanted to spell scarlett with the two t's but it just felt wrong at the time. Never thought of Mim as a nn but it's awesome. Miriam is one of the few that we both agree. shelly is the other one, but not many like it and also i have an aunt who has that as her nn. it's kinda bangali tradition that i child must have both a proper name and a nn. man i'm tired and off to bed. only 3 hours until work. arse

BlackadderWentForthToMultiply Mon 22-Aug-11 06:27:18

mim. Mim, Miriam. Mim Miri-miri-mariam. mirriam. mim. mim. Mim. Miriam hmmm. to bed!

Bunbaker Mon 22-Aug-11 06:37:31

Sorry, but I loathe Queenie.

Love Miriam and Grace

Shefali is a new one to me. Is it made up? Or am I an ignorant oick?

Shelly is a name I have only ever seen spelt Shelley. I think it is sometimes used as a nickname for Michelle.

I quite like the others.

BlackadderWentForthToMultiply Mon 22-Aug-11 06:49:30

Shefali is Bengali for a particular flower. yep Miriam is excellent. damn i'm watching Queeny ride off into the sunset....

ooooh i like Paloma too.

as if it ain't bad enough, we'll be choosing her surname also (children do not automatically take the fathers name on my side of the family)

but Paloma with a surname starting P would be great: Paloma Perkins...

though we may have to give up a surname to one of our folks...

the thing with Miriam is that it crosses the anglo/arab/indo/judaic boundries like nothing else i can think of and it does it whilst sounding great to.

oh god i must sleep

exoticfruits Mon 22-Aug-11 07:02:00


Planetofthegrapes Mon 22-Aug-11 07:11:40

Nah, sounds like someone's great-nan in East-Enders.

I like Miriam though.

pinkthechaffinch Mon 22-Aug-11 07:20:04

I was just wondering about Queenie the other day. it crops up occasionaly in Enid Blyton books IIRC. I actually quite like it!

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