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EmmaandJacob Sun 21-Aug-11 14:15:52

What does everyone think of these names for a girl. Our surname is Hornby if that helps!!

AmeliaSachs Sun 21-Aug-11 15:50:35

I love Audrey, but It doesn't really go with your last name. Stay clear of anything with an "e" or "y" at the end.

bittentothequick Sun 21-Aug-11 15:53:45

I prefer Audrey but I think Evelyn goes better with your surname.

cumbria81 Sun 21-Aug-11 16:15:10

I think "Audrey Hornby" sounds a little odd...

InstantAtom Sun 21-Aug-11 16:26:13

Evelyn sounds better with your surname.

wearenotamused Sun 21-Aug-11 18:37:52

With your surname Evelyn does sound better. (Are you going to be an eev-lin or a ev-a-lin?)

Rhubarbgarden Mon 22-Aug-11 12:46:55


EmmaandJacob Mon 22-Aug-11 13:50:09

Thanks Girls - I was thinking that Audrey Hornby was a bit of a mouthful!! Just really struggling with girls names at the mo xx

bloombloombell Mon 22-Aug-11 13:50:59

Evelyn smile

GetOffOfMyCloud Mon 22-Aug-11 14:00:04

Evelyn sounds better to my ears, Audrey sounds a bit odd with your surname.

BTW, it might not bother you but you have probably outed yourself completely by revealing your surname, and I assume Emmaandjacob is you and your DH? Some people prefer not to reveal who they are in RL but it's of course entirely up to you. Hope you don't mind me saying.

BikeRunSki Mon 22-Aug-11 14:05:06

I want Evelyn but DH has vetoed as too old fashioned. Of course it is old fashioned, it was my granny's name!

EmmaandJacob Mon 22-Aug-11 15:59:08

Hadn't even thought about the fact there were 2 ways to say it - more decisions!!!

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