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Lexie and Addi and Andie - opinions please

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wearenotamused Sat 20-Aug-11 22:31:11

What do you think of:

Lexie? (or Lexia/Lexi)
Addi? (or Addy/Addie)
Andie? (or Andi)

Oh and compared to Emmy/Emmie/Emmi (on previous post)

(for a girl)


theworldspins Sat 20-Aug-11 22:55:43

you like I's dont you :P

Lexia just sounds like you are saying Alexia wrong. But Alexia is nice. Lexi is slightly better
Andi/Andie - well Andie MacDowell but it is alright. Get mistaken for Andy though
Addie which is better than Addie is nice.
Emmy I like. Out of them all is the most full namey.

washngo Sat 20-Aug-11 23:28:18

I know a gorgeous addie (short for Adelaide in her case but could be short for adeline too)

Iamkenny Sun 21-Aug-11 00:12:13

DN is a Addi short for Adana. so obviously it's a great name. But if I'm honest I prefer it with Addie. Don't know what it would be like when you are an adult and your only name was Addie with no alternative.
Andi (not with an e) is alright but people would think when just said that it was a boy unless very female middle name that you could use on things until they where older.
Lexia I like as a whole name a lot more than Lexi/Lexie. At least with Lexia you have two choice of nn Lex or Lexi. I can imagine an adult Lexia (Lexi is slighthly childlike) - people would think it was Alexia though, she would spend her life saying it wasn't
Emmy is good (not Emmie two male) Emmi looks more nney

So really Lexia or Emmy

A1980 Sun 21-Aug-11 00:12:51

They're all nicknames.

Give them a proper name. I don't like any of them tbh.

MadamDeathstare Sun 21-Aug-11 00:30:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kestryn Sun 21-Aug-11 00:49:29

I agree that 'ie' names only work as nicknames, I think they're a bit twee for full names. Adelaide is lovely, so is Alexandra and then there's a choice of Lexie or Allie.

Ephiny Sun 21-Aug-11 12:06:01

I quite like Lexie, I know it's normally short for something like Alexandra, but of the three I think it's the one that works best in its own right.

Don't like Addie, this just isn't nice at all. Andie is just too much of a nickname, and too well known as a short form of Andrea, so everyone would assume that was her full name.

SoupDragon Sun 21-Aug-11 12:12:30

the only one I would ever consider from that list is Lexie.

Crosshair Sun 21-Aug-11 13:26:34


cumbria81 Sun 21-Aug-11 16:16:16

Don't like any of them, esp Lexie.

greenzebra Sun 21-Aug-11 17:10:33

Lexie and Emmy

Addie and Andi sound like boys names to me.

InstantAtom Sun 21-Aug-11 18:58:33

I'd go for Emmy, short for Emmeline. Or why not Emily?

Andi is too boyish, and I'm not keen on Lexie or Addie.

I wouldn't use any of them as full names, only as a nickname for something.

cece Sun 21-Aug-11 19:25:16

Not keen on any of them tbh but out of the 4 Emmy is by far the best. But prefer Emma or Emily though!

wearenotamused Sun 21-Aug-11 20:18:15

Thanks for all the feedback.

I really don't like Alexandria/Alexandra.
Adelaide/Adeline is alright but doesn't jump out.
I think they are just a bit too long to go with DS name (Luka) and surname (which is stupidly long)

Adana sounds too much like Alanna (DN)

Addison and Emerson are (as you predicted) to surnamey and again I think long.

Trying to reign in DH American Name-ing tendacies, trying to remind him that we live in the UK now (He is American and we lived out there for many years, DS was born there) - these names are the only US/UK compromise names we could agree on

Andrea I really don't like

Emmeline again (I think) is too long

Emma and Emily are too popular for either of us.

Thanks - maybe it is back to the drawing board.

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