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Hope Frances

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Elenamitchel Thu 18-Aug-11 09:41:29

Can i have your opinion on your final girls name please?

pamplemousserose Thu 18-Aug-11 09:45:26


Elenamitchel Thu 18-Aug-11 09:47:06

Sorry had my 2 yo distracting me!

Please can i have your opinion on our final girls name please?

We also have a 2 yo Aaron George.

Is Hope too old fashioned?

pamplemousserose Thu 18-Aug-11 09:51:09

Hope is beautiful.

lockets Thu 18-Aug-11 10:48:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InstantAtom Thu 18-Aug-11 11:48:49

Lovely names and go well together smile

LetThereBeRock Thu 18-Aug-11 12:25:56

It's very nice.

specialknickers Thu 18-Aug-11 12:32:19

Lovely. Frances is one of my middle names too, so I might be a tad biased...

mogandthecat Thu 18-Aug-11 14:30:57

beautiful, but I am biased!

pacinofan Thu 18-Aug-11 20:44:07

Absolutely gorgeous - classic and tasteful, go for it!

cjbartlett Thu 18-Aug-11 20:49:41


Ephiny Thu 18-Aug-11 20:57:04

I like it, I think Hope is a lovely name, and you don't hear it often these days! I suppose it is slightly old-fashioned, I associate it a bit with the Victorian era (I think 'virtue' names were popular for girls then?), but not in a bad way. It's the kind of nice simple classic name that never really goes out of date.

If anything it's Frances that sounds a bit 70s/80s and hence dated to me. It's fine though, and does go nicely with Hope.

birdofthenorth Fri 19-Aug-11 21:51:08

Really nice

HattieBistro Sat 20-Aug-11 13:30:40

I think Hope Frances is a really pretty combo.

We used Frances as a mn for one of our girls after a close relative. At first I wasn't convinced about it but I've really warmed to it of late. I think it's a strong but feminine name which will definitely stand the test of time.

If we hadn't used Frances as a mn I would be tempted to use it as a fn for any future DD's.

Alliwantisaroomsomewhere Sat 20-Aug-11 16:22:19

Love the name Frances.

plinkplonk Sun 21-Aug-11 21:27:57

Very lovely names.

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