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Can we talk about the Romilly please?

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KellyKettle Wed 17-Aug-11 18:01:26

We seem to have settled on Romilly for a girl but, as we don't know any we don't know what shortened name we'd use (and we probably would shorten it from time to time - DH & I shorten each others and DDs name).

Also, any suggestions for a middle name? Our surname is two syllables if that makes any difference.

Bandwithering Wed 17-Aug-11 18:13:50

I like it. I think of Romilly Street though which aint great. However, it is very nice. It's very nice Emily though which is not a bad thing,but on the one hand it's unusual but on the other hand it's sort of only one letter away from being one of the most popular names in the last 20 years.

I still like it but I think I prefer Romy. Just Romy, although Romy short for Rosemary would be more to my taste.

Romilly Jane popped into my head. Something simple but not too of the moment I think. ROmilly Joy. Romilly Faith. Romilly Beth

Malvapoeding Wed 17-Aug-11 18:17:32

I know a Romilly who is shortened to Romy by family and Milly by friends (must be confusing!) her middle name is Anne.

KellyKettle Wed 17-Aug-11 18:56:32

Romy like Rome-ee or Rom-ee?

I like Millie as a shortened version in that it's a recognisable name but it is a name we've discounted off the list so it would feel like its sneaking in through the back door.

Romilly Anna?

InstantAtom Wed 17-Aug-11 19:00:56

Romilly Catherine
Romilly Georgia
Romilly Zara
Romilly Juliet
Romilly Cara
Romilly Victoria
Romilly Jasmine
Romilly Alexandra
Romilly Nicole
Romilly Serena

TheMitfordsMaid Wed 17-Aug-11 19:04:08

I like Romilly a lot. I think shortened names just evolve over time, or not, as the case may be. I named my DS a name like William which I thought we'd shorten but we never do. I don't think you can be prescriptive about shortening.

Malvapoeding Wed 17-Aug-11 19:42:31

She is Ro-mee wjhich has occasionally been shortened even further to Ro!

I like Anna as a middle name.

Vajazzler Wed 17-Aug-11 19:44:08

My friends dd is called Romilly Imogen. Also known as Milly/MillyMoo/Moo!

DinahRod Wed 17-Aug-11 19:55:25

I'm with bandwitherting on needing a simple or one syllable middle name, to balance the first and surname, something classic and enduring.

Romilly Joy is lovely

typsical Wed 17-Aug-11 19:55:50

Is Romilly pronounced Rom-illy or Rome-illy? I always wonder!

KellyKettle Wed 17-Aug-11 20:00:36

Oh I like Romilly Imogen and actually, Imogen was on DHs list.

Mal my family will almost definitely shorten it to Ro. One of the men married into my extended family is David, shortened to Dave and now to Day (although not by me, I'm not keen on Day).

I like Rome-y as a pronunciation.

TMM yes, you're probably right about shortened names evolving. I don't think we actually planned to shorted DDs name, we loved the long version. I call DH a name that's a hybrid of his first and surname so not really a short name.

KellyKettle Wed 17-Aug-11 20:03:01

Romilly Joy is lovely and might sound better with our surname given that it's a two syllable surname.

I pronounce it Rom-i-lee

KellyKettle Wed 17-Aug-11 20:16:51

No joy with Joy. DH says nope.

Maybe no middle name...

Bandwithering Wed 17-Aug-11 20:19:21


Romilly Claire?

KellyKettle Wed 17-Aug-11 20:27:00

He's making mild agreeing noises about Romilly Imogen. That's because he likes Imogen as a first name anyway.

LaTristesse Wed 17-Aug-11 20:28:02

Romilly May?

typsical Wed 17-Aug-11 20:33:07

Romilly Primrose..?

carpetlover Wed 17-Aug-11 20:37:43

How about Romilly Jean? I think that sounds very classic.

EightiesChick Wed 17-Aug-11 20:40:49

One ot two syllables as middle name, nothing longer. And I wouldn't have anything beginning with R or M cos it'll all sound too repetitive.

Sorry, all negative points there. I like Jane, Anna or Zara for middle names.

EightiesChick Wed 17-Aug-11 20:41:14

Oh yes, Romilly Jean is very nice.

SaffronCake Wed 17-Aug-11 21:14:37

I would probably shorten Romilly to Romy or Milly.

Romilly Jessica
Romilly Jennifer
Romilly Jane
Romilly Susanne
Romilly Frances
Romilly Kate
Romilly Margot even,

I don't know why, I just think Romilly carries that kind of middle name well.

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