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CosmicMouse Mon 08-Aug-11 12:08:52

Heard this name yesterday and can't get it out of my head...!

Anyone got any thoughts?

InstantAtom Mon 08-Aug-11 12:21:03

Hmm, I'm not too keen I'm afraid. It's too much like jostling.

Love Josephine though...

EllenJaneisnotmyname Mon 08-Aug-11 12:27:04

It's a unisex name, would it be for a girl or a boy? I prefer it as a girl's name I think, but I'm always a bit meh about unisex names.

CeliaDeBohun Mon 08-Aug-11 12:30:14

I'm not keen - it's quite a pretty name in itself but it reminds me of Joss Stone, which isn't great.

CosmicMouse Mon 08-Aug-11 12:48:26

Oh I'd only ever thought of it as a girls name. You learn something new...

It's only a pipedream at the mo, DC2 is still a work in progress wink

tilbatilba Mon 08-Aug-11 12:53:06


MamaLazarou Mon 08-Aug-11 12:55:33


saffronwblue Mon 08-Aug-11 12:56:03

I love it - I thought about it a lot for DD ( who ended up being Celia).

bigbluebump Mon 08-Aug-11 18:41:34

I think Jocelyn is a lovely name. I know one who gets nicknamed Jossie.

SaffronCake Mon 08-Aug-11 18:53:15

Jocelyn is unisex? Really? I would have said it was a safely a womans name as Sandra, Karen and Barbara. I also think of it as belonging to the same era.

SaffronCake Mon 08-Aug-11 18:53:36

as safely

Pippaandpolly Mon 08-Aug-11 18:57:16

I love it. I've known a boy (nn Joss) and a girl (nn Jo), though both nicknames work for both sexes I think. Perhaps helped by the fact that both were lovely kids! I'd use it for a girl-prob not for a boy myself but I don't think it's odd to do so.

wonkylegs Mon 08-Aug-11 18:58:38

I dated a family friend (male) called Jocelyn for a bit , we always called him Jos

wigglesrock Mon 08-Aug-11 18:59:14

I know 3 people called Jocelyn, all men over 65. The actor Joss Ackland's middle name is Jocelyn. All the ones know get it shortened to Joss, I like it

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