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help!! i need a name for my baby girl!! :)

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mercades1999 Mon 01-Aug-11 17:57:58

this is kid number 3 i have two other boys!! (twins)
well yes i need some help of what to call her. i like things like: lauren, roxanne, mia, india and ella. i would like some suggestions because i am a bit stuck!! my man likes's India. thanks smile

DrSeuss Mon 01-Aug-11 20:25:45

I have recently acquired an Elizabeth Katherine.

InstantAtom Mon 01-Aug-11 20:27:14

If you both like India then why not decide on it?

thisisyesterday Mon 01-Aug-11 20:36:15


mercades1999 Tue 02-Aug-11 08:20:36

thanks a lot!! i like best India, kitty and elizabeth katherine!! thanks a lot!!

birdofthenorth Tue 02-Aug-11 09:18:51

Indra is a sweet alternative to India

Kayzr Tue 02-Aug-11 09:27:04

I love India, it's beautiful

baskingseals Tue 02-Aug-11 09:35:29

congratulations smile

i think India is a beautiful name - go for it

mercades1999 Tue 02-Aug-11 15:29:48

ok i think we will go for India!! thanks a lot!! smile

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