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Will it continue to climb?

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icefly Fri 29-Jul-11 20:50:31

So, the release of the 2010 names list yesterday shows that, although our chosen boys name - Zachary is just outside top 50, it is biggest climber. Plus if you add up all shortenings/different spellings is actually a lot more popular (although stilll less than top 10, and same is true for a lot of other names).
Have loved the name Zach since I was about 12, (since I read goodnight Mister Tom) and baby does seem like a Zach now (I'm sure it's a boy!!) Would growing popularity put you off? What do you think of name in general? should I worry about it becoming even more popular?

muminthemiddle Fri 29-Jul-11 20:56:07

No I don't think you should be put off the name. Who knows what names will become popular.
When I was having my dd 14 years ago I asked my dh should we change the name that we have planned to call her and go with Isobel? He said no leave that for our next dd. Isobel is an old family name going way back. NOBODY else I knew was called Isobel then, abosolutely noone it would be the equivalent of say Myra or another old fashioned name that no child you had ever come across was called. Now look what has happened.
Ps no offence to any Myras.

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