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Everyone but one with the same initials?

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BikeRunSki Wed 27-Jul-11 13:49:44

DH and I are both AH Surname.
DS is SP Surname.
DD is due in OCtober. middle name will be the village where we first lived together (don't worry is also a normal girl's name) - which begins with H.
We can't agree on a first name, but currently under discussion (and not yet veoted after a week) begins with A.

Would DS feel left out or special if he was the only one in the family who is not AH Surname.

(PS I don't need to know about the practicalities of having several people with the same initials in the same household, I grew up with a brother with the same as mine).

juneybean Wed 27-Jul-11 13:52:30

We're all JF in our family except for my brother who was VF and I don't think it bothered him really.

Think the bigger problem was when post came address to J Fsurname

tortilla Wed 27-Jul-11 13:53:58

I think it would be a bit odd if you had lots of children with AH and then one that was different, but if you just have two children it's not so weird I think, although I probably wouldn't do it myself (but then I'm one of those people who finds families who use the same initials for all their children odd so you might want to ignore what I say!)

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