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waterdragon Wed 27-Jul-11 10:03:30

We found out yesterday that our baby, due in October, is a boy, so now we have to actually start narrowing down the list of boys names.

Pretty much top of the list is Eric, but when I mentioned it to my mum, she said it might get shortened to Ric. This is definitely not an option, and would put me off the name, but I'm just not sure how likely it is to get shortened - Eric is pretty short anyway!

Does this seem likely?

Other possibilities at the moment are Leon, Frankie (but there is already a Francesca in the extended family), or Jasper (but partner is not too convinced).

BulletWithAName Wed 27-Jul-11 10:04:21

You can't shorten Eric IMO. Great name, I really like it.

coccyx Wed 27-Jul-11 10:05:33

surely not!

stupefy Wed 27-Jul-11 10:05:48

Eric is an awesome name!

InstantAtom Wed 27-Jul-11 10:44:20

I like Eric, and don't think it would be shortened.

HoneyDuke Wed 27-Jul-11 10:47:14

Eric is a fab name.

LetThereBeRock Wed 27-Jul-11 10:54:09

Love it,though I prefer Erik it's still a great name.

Frankie is horrid,but I love Jasper.

iWILLdothis Wed 27-Jul-11 11:41:14

I have a relative (child) named Eric, and his name is never shortened, never heard of it being shortened to Ric tbh. It is a nice name!

BirdyBedtime Wed 27-Jul-11 11:49:23

I always think of Ric(k) as short for Richard and would never consider shortening Eric - there is a wee boy in DSs swimming class called Eric and I think it's nice - one of those names that ages well.

BirdyBedtime Wed 27-Jul-11 11:50:31

PS I also like Leon out of your other names - we have friends whose DS is called this and it's slightly unusual but not too unusual IYKWIM

waterdragon Wed 27-Jul-11 17:00:53


I didn't think it was likely to be shortened really, but worried that I was just in denial because we were so close to choosing Eric, and didn't want to have to go back to the drawing board! Hopefully this baby will have a definite name before the week is out.

fishandlilacs Wed 27-Jul-11 17:48:27

I was told by a medium I was going to have a boy called Eric. I quite like it.

hellymelly Wed 27-Jul-11 18:02:43

Eric is brilliant.Love it.

MynameisnotEarl Wed 27-Jul-11 18:14:52

Sorry, I don't like it (sounds too much like Derek) - much prefer Leon.

thisisyesterday Wed 27-Jul-11 18:22:03

I know a little Eric who is always called Eric

IME people don't tend to shorten names unless you do first. I have a Gabriel who pretty much everyone calls Gabriel, apart frm those who know I sometimes call him Gabe
of course you can't tell what will happen once they're older and at school/college, but that's up to them if they want a nickname I guess

that said, Eric isn't realy my cup of tea... prefer Frankie or Leon

titihood Wed 27-Jul-11 18:29:11

Eric is a great name! I really don't know why it would get is pretty short already!

PatriciaHolm Wed 27-Jul-11 18:38:03

I used to go out with an Eric, and it was never shortened to my knowledge.

plunctplactzum Wed 27-Jul-11 21:10:11

Etic is beautiful. Unfortunately doesn't work with our surnames, but I love it! (and you can't shorten something so short already!)

muminthemiddle Wed 27-Jul-11 21:19:54

I have never heard of Eric being shortened to Ric.

winkle2 Wed 27-Jul-11 22:58:24

I don't like it. It's an old mans name. Can you imagine a teenage Eric?

TrinaLuciusMalfoy Wed 27-Jul-11 23:01:26

I love it: can I give you my really odd reason for our not using it?

My mum's cat's called Ernie grin

nevergoogle Wed 27-Jul-11 23:02:19

It gets shortened to Eck. Might be a scottish thing though.

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