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TrinaLuciusMalfoy Wed 20-Jul-11 23:10:04

No, seriously... Thoughts?

rockinhippy Thu 21-Jul-11 00:04:29

horrendous - sorry - I prefer Rubin

superjobee Thu 21-Jul-11 00:14:09

makes me think of rebus.. is that a cop show or something? mneh not my cup of tea sorry smile

suzikettles Thu 21-Jul-11 00:14:48

As in Hagrid? hmm

Rhubarbgarden Thu 21-Jul-11 00:32:44

Sounds like a disease

Happygomummy Thu 21-Jul-11 00:41:21

Awful. Just awful.

EdFlooStudent Thu 21-Jul-11 00:45:19

Another one that straight away thought Hagrid. Sorry blush

TrinaLuciusMalfoy Thu 21-Jul-11 07:48:23

Yes, as in Hagrid. Said it as a joke a few days ago and it went and grew on me, silly hormones grin

rockinhippy Thu 21-Jul-11 09:49:42

that made me laugh - hormones do have a lot to answer for don't they grin

HoneyPablo Thu 21-Jul-11 09:50:37

It does sound like a disease, rhubarbgarden.

pilates Thu 21-Jul-11 09:59:35

It sounds made up

TrinaLuciusMalfoy Thu 21-Jul-11 10:44:55

It's Latin for red or reddish apparently, so it's as legit name-wise as Rufus or Sebastian (or any of the other gazillion names meaning red)

It's also like the very popular Reuben without actually being Reuben.... WHY am I justifying this? STOOPID hormones!

FoxyRevenger Thu 21-Jul-11 10:47:20

Pronounced Roo-bee-us?

Oh no, no, no.

Seriously, pregnancy hormones. It's happened to all of us. grin

Nightstar Thu 21-Jul-11 20:51:32

Don't listen to them!! I think it's great.

Though maybe go with Reuben if you dont want your child to have a 'Harry Potter' name

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