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Aargh, girls names!

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BikeRunSki Sun 17-Jul-11 17:40:36

With DS we agreed on a name straight away. If he'd been a girl he woudl probably still be Baby C at nearly 3.

DD is now due in Oct and we can not agree on a name, although at least DH has now come up with some suggestions.

I like

He likes:

We have no overlap! I can;t even phathom out any kind of pattern or taste in our lists. Any other suggestions? I don't mind popular names, DS is top 15 and I have never met another of his age.

MelinaM Sun 17-Jul-11 18:34:12

Love Martha, Isis, Lorelei and Ellen (not nn Ellie though)smile

Much prefer Thomasina to Thomasin, Lucy is okay but a tad bland for me.

Hmm... suggestions:

Helena - Nell
Tamasin /Tamsin

PaperBank Sun 17-Jul-11 19:51:39

Evelyn - nice, but Eve/Evelyn/Ava/Eva/Evie all very popular at the moment (how about Evelina?)
Martha, Elsa and Ellen are a bit on the dull/lumpy side
Louisa - like, and fairly unusual at the moment smile
Isis - don't like
Lorellei - a bit strange (how about Laura?)
Thomasin - too male (how about Tamsin?)
Lucy - like smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 17-Jul-11 20:34:38

What does DH think of your names and what do you think of his?

BikeRunSki Sun 17-Jul-11 21:37:31

He thinks mine are all "old lady names" except for Lorellei which is thinks is plain bonkers.

I think Thomasin is too much like making a boy's name a girl's name; that it should be vetoed since we have 2 v good friends with DSs called Thomas and I have a nephew called Thomas and the only Thomasin I have ever met is a friend at work, so seems to close-but-not-close-enough link.

And Lucy, I think is plain dull. And round here it would become "Luceh".

I like Evelyn as it was my Granny's name and there were others on other side of my family too. I realise that the various diminutives are v popular, but I am not that concerned.

We may possibly have middle ground on Louisa.

Middle name will be Hope - village in Derbyshire we lived in when we first got together.

Sidge Sun 17-Jul-11 21:44:35


Evelyn is pretty, it was my Granny's name too!

aStarInStrangeways Sun 17-Jul-11 22:18:23


BibiBelle Sun 17-Jul-11 22:42:42

Elspeth nn Elsie

smother Sun 17-Jul-11 23:17:38

Martha, Louisa, Elsa, Ellen and Lucy are all gorgeous.

The only one on your lists I personally object to is Thomasin - that's dreadful!

What about....


I love Hope as a mn by the way - beautiful

Good luck

plonker Sun 17-Jul-11 23:28:24

I love Hope!

Evelyn - Eve is much prettier. Evelyn will become Evie.
Martha - This is a name that I've never 'got'. Really dislike.
Louisa - Beautiful, but depends on pn IMHO. Lou-ee-sa is gorgeous. Lou-ee-za is less so. I know a couple of little Louisa's atm so maybe about to see a rise?
Isis - Ok
Lorellei - sounds a bit pole-dancer-ish to me, sorry
Elsa - will forever be a lioness for me
Ellen - lovely. Don't know any children with this name.
Thomasin - I completely agree with you - too much like making a boy's name a girl's name
Lucy - Beautiful! I love this and don't think it's bland at all. Lucia is a lovely alternative though.

My fav's are Lucy and Louisa.

Good luck smile

mich54321 Mon 18-Jul-11 17:40:03

Evelyn Hope - really like the name Evelyn and nns
Martha Hope- ok
Louisa Hope- LOVE the name Louisa and works well with mn Hope
Isis Hope- don't like
Lorellei Hope - don't like
Elsa Hope - like Elsa but not keen with mn Hope
Ellen Hope - like Ellen but not sure it goes with Hope

He likes:
Thomasin Hope- don't like
Lucy Hope- cute as child, not keen for adult

IMO, Louisa Hope followed by Evelyn Hope (think it's because 3 syllable first name sounds better than 2 syllable first with middle name Hope)

BikeRunSki Mon 18-Jul-11 17:43:32

Mich - I am right there with you on all those comments.

Fifis25StottieCakes Mon 18-Jul-11 19:25:48

Thomasine/Thomasina are my favorite names at the minute, im with your OH smile

manicinsomniac Tue 19-Jul-11 15:48:54

I think that you need a longer name to go best with Hope.

Love the story of your middle name btw! So sweet.

Only like Evelyn from your list to go with Hope but she would probably be called Evie and that's soooooo popular.

How about:
Abigail Hope
Felicity Hope
Georgina Hope
Imogen Hope
Isabelle Hope
Jessica Hope
Katherine Hope
Matilda Hope
Madeleine Hope
Natalie Hope
Olivia Hope
Samantha Hope

BikeRunSki Tue 19-Jul-11 18:25:57

Thanks Manic, I agree, we need a longer first name. I really don't mind about the popularity of Evie, as it really isn't around here.


Abigail Hope - Hate Abbey as a nn
Felicity Hope - Too many virtiues in one name!
Georgina Hope - Horrible aunit
Imogen Hope - Common abbreviation same as Mum and we have agreed not to name after parents
Isabelle Hope -There are about 5 Isabelle/Isobels/Izobel in our street already
Katherine Hope - Not keen on Kate, especially this year
Matilda Hope - Close friend has a Matilda
Madeleine Hope - Another horrible aunt (other side of family)
Natalie Hope - Erm no. Hate Natalie. And would rapidly become "Na-alie"
Olivia Hope - Toxic friend, and vvvvvvvvvvvvv popular.
Samantha Hope - DS is Samuel!

Aah,well, we still have 3 months to think about it. I'm still hanging out for Evelyn myself.

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