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Beatrix if we already have a Felix?

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persephoneplum Sat 16-Jul-11 06:22:18

My husband and I adore the name Beatrix is we ever have a girl (3rd child). Our first child is named Felix and our second child is Theodore.

Do you think it matters that the last two letters of Beatrix and Felix are the same?

Our Felix is usually called Flix or Felix and we anticipate that Beatrix would be called Bee or Bé (my grandmother's nickname). That plus they'll probably only live together for 12 or so years (he would be 7-8 years older than her).

What do you think? Doesn't matter? Unthinkable?

PorkChopSter Sat 16-Jul-11 06:35:07

Just go for Beatrice. It is a bit weird.

persephoneplum Sat 16-Jul-11 06:36:36

We don't like Beatrice at all unfortunately.

Bonsoir Sat 16-Jul-11 06:54:20

I wouldn't. But then, I am fairly obsessed about not alliterating or repeating sounds within names or across siblings. My DD is Flora Elisabeth Zoë - note that I did not call her Elizabeth because I thought that would be overdoing the "z"s.

Felix and Theodore are both lovely names; how about something a bit more feminine than Beatrix for your hypothetical DD? I think more femininity would complement Felix and Theodore better.

pinkytheshrinky Sat 16-Jul-11 07:00:42

ooh no please don't. Just spell it with a c

persephoneplum Sat 16-Jul-11 07:17:39

Nope, no Beatrice - I would choose a completely different name over Beatrice.

Im not overly into hyper-feminine names - I like strong names for girls. Our other options would be:


What is your top pick out of those?

Rhubarbgarden Sat 16-Jul-11 07:47:36

I love Tabitha, Aurelia and Juniper.

I really wouldn't put Beatrix with a Felix. I do much prefer it to Beatrice though.

Al0uiseG Sat 16-Jul-11 07:53:55

Talitha? Much rarer than Tabitha.

IvyAndGold Sat 16-Jul-11 07:58:48

Oh, I love Paloma, but DP vetoed it as soon as it was out of my mouth angry Tabitha is lovely too, but Paloma is definitely my favourite grin

argylesocks Sat 16-Jul-11 08:18:39

I think Beatrix is adorable and I agree with you about not liking Beatrice! I think you should go with Beatrix but I also love Paloma and Tabitha.

argylesocks Sat 16-Jul-11 08:20:06

Ooh and Ursula. Love that. Pretty, funky and unusual.

BumperlicicusTotalus Sat 16-Jul-11 08:25:51

Octavia - great if you can pull it off
Tabitha - like
Cordelia - like
Aurelia - love love love! Dh vetoed for me
Juniper - heard this recently and growing on me
Paloma - beautiful, but weird if you have no Spanish links
Claudia - love, anothe veto by dh
Calliope - least favourite

PaperBank Sat 16-Jul-11 08:41:15

I like Octavia, Aurelia and Paloma best from your list smile

Octavia - like
Tabitha - cat's name
Cordelia - don't like
Ursula - dislike
Callista - not keen
Aurelia - lovely smile
Saffron - no
Juniper - gin
Paloma - like, and nice meaning
Claudia - not keen
Calliope - not keen

ensure Sat 16-Jul-11 09:18:26

I wouldn't use Felix and Beatrix.
Of your other names I like Ursula, Claudia, Juniper, and Cordelia.

TheBolter Sat 16-Jul-11 09:25:20

Octavia - NO, it's dour
Tabitha - OK
Cordelia - LOVE
Ursula - NO
Callista - Not sure
Aurelia - No, reminds me of areola
Saffron - OK, but a bit dated and weak
Juniper - No, poncey
Paloma - Lovely
Claudia - No, too precious and trying to be glam
Calliope - No, sounds like a greek island or an Italian dish

phlossie Sat 16-Jul-11 10:32:57

I have a Beatrice, but we call her Betty. We considered Beatrix too, but decided it sounded too spikey. My friend's Beatrix is Trixie for short (love that), and another friend with a Felix is Lixie.

I actually think that Felix and Beatrix would be fine so long as you don't call them Lixie and Trixie!

Love Tabitha - it's top of our girl's list at the moment. Also like Hermione, Ursula, Persephone and Rosalinde.

monkeyslut Sat 16-Jul-11 12:36:17

I think that you will use Beatrix as your DH loves it wink

LemonDifficult Sat 16-Jul-11 12:40:43

Ooooh no, Beatrix and Felix - Lix, Lix, Nix Nix. Just too licky. Sorry.

Tarlia Sat 16-Jul-11 18:44:46

I don't think Felix and Beatrix are a good idea, but if you will use Bea/Be from birth and tell everyone that's her name, then I don't see a problem.

My favs from your alternative list are Tabitha and Cordelia.

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