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Cameron for a girl?

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TheSugarPlumFairy Tue 12-Jul-11 14:07:56

Got a bit of the thing for gender ambigious names. DD is Eden. If bump turns out to be a girl, i am really leaning towards Cameron.

Will we be laughed out of the registry office?

mamsnet Tue 12-Jul-11 14:09:03

Boy's name.

PM's name.

Up to you though! grin

BerryLellow Tue 12-Jul-11 14:10:59

Makes me think of the Jilly Cooper character.

And then there's Cameron Diaz.

I think your problem maybe the not so popular PM, but by the time she's older it won't make a difference.

You like, you use

Faggotsnpeas Tue 12-Jul-11 14:11:03

I really like it, reminds me of Cameron Diaz...

PaperBank Tue 12-Jul-11 14:18:17

Prime Minister

AberdeenAngusina Tue 12-Jul-11 14:31:34

Cameron used to be unisex here. I had a great-great aunt Cameron, and she was named after another female Cameron. The 1881 census for north Scotland lists 20 Camerons, 11 male and 9 female (including my gt-gt aunt) so it used to be very evenly split male/female in this area.

I like it.

hulabula Tue 12-Jul-11 14:34:06

I like it.

Hasn't done Cameron Diaz any harm smile.

AberdeenAngusina Tue 12-Jul-11 14:37:41

(Slight digression - I've just looked up girls called Harper in northern Scotland 1881 and found one! Harper McHattie, aged 17!)

musicalsinger913 Tue 12-Jul-11 14:43:42

Dreadfully American.

IHeartKingThistle Tue 12-Jul-11 14:45:33

I know a little girl Camryn which is nice. Welsh, possibly?

IvyAndGold Tue 12-Jul-11 16:38:24

it was in our top five for DD. it's a scottish name (scottish DP was vetoing anything other than scottish names, grr!) but am so glad we decided against it in the end as two weeks after DD was born david cameron came into power! gah!

TheSugarPlumFairy Thu 14-Jul-11 16:01:43

Thanks to those who replied. DH's family are Scottish so it would fit in nicely with that. Not too worried about the David Cameron connection either as it is fairly unlikely that we will still be living in the UK beyond the next 5-6 years anyway and anyway i don't mind the man.

Not to be controversial I have to say though that i find the suggestion that the name sound American and therefore bad quite offensive. English cultural imperialism is still alive and well it seems.

CharlieCoCo Thu 14-Jul-11 18:28:46

i think of cameron from house, even though its really her surname. i like it and will go really well with eden-which i love btw. i love the name eden mckenna, maybe mckenna is a name u like?

Nightstar Thu 14-Jul-11 18:46:23

I think its a great name, but then I always loved it for a girl since reading "Rivals" by Jilly Cooper

allbie Thu 14-Jul-11 19:27:09

My niece has that name and it has never been seen as strange.

MelinaM Thu 14-Jul-11 21:26:57

It's a nice name but the meaning puts me off ...crooked nose!!!

hoofhearted Thu 14-Jul-11 21:29:51

seems to be much more of a girls name now

PurplePillow Thu 14-Jul-11 21:33:12

I know a girl called Cameron and dd2 middle name is Camryn grin

If you like it go for it gringringrin

BibiBelle Thu 14-Jul-11 21:33:14

I like it, DD3 has a name more commonly used for a boy and she's made it her own.

TheSugarPlumFairy Thu 14-Jul-11 21:57:05

i think i am pretty much decided on it now. Now just got to convince DH.


exoticfruits Thu 14-Jul-11 22:05:51

I've always thought it a strange name since I found out it means 'crooked nose'.

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