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Delphi - advice on BC versions/NNs/name-alikes please

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nozmum Mon 11-Jul-11 22:02:24

I've seen Delphi getting a lot of love on this board lately and its top of my shortlist for DD due November, but - forgive me for asking - it it actually a full name in itself or is it a nickname? What's it short for? And how would you shorten it (everyone in my family ends up with a one syllable version of their name so I might as well like that version too) - Dee, Phi/Fi, Del - not so sure about these.And, what would you think if you heard this name?
And - since I suspect we might chicken out - can you recommend any sound-alike/feel-alike names that I might go for if we don't use it?

At least VB hasn't gone for it - which was a worry!

hollyw Mon 11-Jul-11 22:08:40

It can be a shortened version of Delphine.
I like Delphine and Delphi. Not so keen of the one syllable shortenings myself.

What about Seraphine or Clementine (Clemmie, Clem)

eurycantha Mon 11-Jul-11 22:09:53

I was reading a book and the characters name was Delphine,her nickname was Phina [feena]

thisisyesterday Mon 11-Jul-11 22:10:19

It can be a name on its own, but could also be used as a short version of Delphine or Delphina
I know a little Delfina (with f rather than ph) and she is very lovely, as is the name!

I wouldn't shorten it personally, but if you want to I am sure a shortening will just happen over time!

Hedwig3 Tue 12-Jul-11 09:33:11

If you just want Delphi then go with that.

PaperBank Tue 12-Jul-11 10:26:21

It can be short for Delphine or Delphina. Not surprisingly, the meaning is "dolphin"!

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