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number baby names, time and date

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happywheezer Mon 11-Jul-11 17:48:18

Given the Beckham's have a new little girl called Harper Seven which in my opinion could have been so much worse and quite conservative, would you give your baby a special number name?

I just had a baby and he was born on 11.05.11 at 11.11am. I joked to the consultant that I should have called him eleven! Now the Beckham's have done it.

Also, I have a boy born on the 4th july. I should have called him Sam or George etc.

DO any of you have children born on special days or times? Is eleven better than seven?!

BikeRunSki Mon 11-Jul-11 17:50:45

We have family friends who have had a series of ginger toms over 40 years or more. The 7th was called Septimus, known as Mouse.

I also know of a family with 11 children, of which the 10th is called Decca.

Dexifehatz Mon 11-Jul-11 23:28:25

We saw our DD2 in her first dating scan at 8.43 on the 8/8/2008.I joked if it was a girl we should call her Octavia or something Chinese as it's a lucky number in that part of the world.

MamaMimi Tue 12-Jul-11 00:30:39

Not born on special days or at special times (apart from it being their birthdays! smile )but both my dds have a first name that relates to their month of birth and a middle name with a connection to the day they were born on - but without it being blatant, like just calling them May Tuesday for example!

MamaMimi Tue 12-Jul-11 00:32:35

Btw op - dd2 was due on 4th July but was 3 weeks early!

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