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what is your reference? Arianna or Tiana

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kizzibear Sat 09-Jul-11 10:15:09

which is better out of these two? what do they make you think of aside from disney princess in reference to Tiana, as that doesn't bother me. Thanks

kizzibear Sat 09-Jul-11 10:15:59

*preference (should really have previewed before posting! blush

Sillyness Sat 09-Jul-11 10:15:59

Arianna, definately! smile

ednurse Sat 09-Jul-11 10:21:31

My friends baby son is Arian. He's scrumptious.

kreecherlivesupstairs Sat 09-Jul-11 10:22:00

They are both hideous.

SloganLogan Sat 09-Jul-11 10:37:41

Arianna smile

FairyArmadillo Sat 09-Jul-11 10:39:41


Rosemallow Sat 09-Jul-11 10:41:37

Not keen on either TBH but prefer arianna.

kizzibear Sat 09-Jul-11 10:45:56

can I ask why they are hideous? Also why arianna over tiana? Thanks

kizzibear Sat 09-Jul-11 10:47:27

have u a similar name u like instead?

Londonmumsw Sat 09-Jul-11 11:31:41

Hello Fairy land to planet earth They are hideous names because they are not easy to spell or write or even the sound is awful! (think of your child in reception class) The disney princess reference may not bother you and thats ok but think of your CHILD in 20 years time. Do you not think it may bother her? how selfish sad


RoyalWelsh Sat 09-Jul-11 11:37:11

I think Arianna is lovely - as far as I am aware it is actually quite an old name? IMO, Tiana sounds a little bit 'made up' which is why I prefer Arianna.

With regards to ease of spelling, Arianna is pretty much a spell it like you say it name, IYSWIM? Not something you can say for a lot of 'conventional' names like Phoebe, Christopher, Thomas etc.

Ease of spelling is not something that would immediately put me off a name, if it was a close run thing between two I loved, then I may consider it - but the vast majority of people learn to spell their names, no matter how long they are!

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Sat 09-Jul-11 11:42:35

Not wild about either, but if pushed then Arianna is far nicer than Tiana (sounds a bit too much like Tiiami (or however it's spelt...)

superjobeespecs Sat 09-Jul-11 11:44:43

tiana sounds made up ariana is a disney princess what about adrianna or even edrianna?

kizzibear Sat 09-Jul-11 11:54:14

ariana is not disney princess, Tiana is!

kizzibear Sat 09-Jul-11 11:56:27

and i didn't mean to be 'selfish' tiana has only featured in a disney film recently, ive met a few tianna's and tiana's, and jasmine and none have felt that disney has ruined their names!

argylesocks Sat 09-Jul-11 12:34:25

Arianna is much nicer and most definitely is an actual name! I think it's quite easy to spell and pronounce. And that seemed very rude londonmum, you're welcome to name all of your children Edward and Elizabeth but some of us like to widen our horizons a bit. Arianna is lovely. I don't prefer tiana but that's just my opinion.

BibiBelle Sat 09-Jul-11 13:12:00

Arianna is beautiful, not keen on Tiana

londonmum - no need to be rude, boring names don't suit everyone but then I suppose someone has to be beige hmm

Londonmumsw Sat 09-Jul-11 13:18:52

Why name a child Arianna when she will end up been called Anna? kizzibear please accept my apologies dear, dont mean to cause any hard feelings - Disney shouldnt be the only place to seek ideas. Take note of arglesocks advise, widen your horizons!

I dont like Edward or Elizabeth thats Eddy and Liz or Beth smile in a few years time.

BibiBelle Sat 09-Jul-11 13:23:11

You're right of course, let's name them ALL Emily or Emma for girls and Thomas or Jack for boys so that they can be known with their surnames or numbers attached. MUCH better than choosing a name you like on it's own merits.

And when ADVISING someone to take note of ADVICE you may wish to do it correctly.

Londonmumsw Sat 09-Jul-11 13:32:25

BibiBelle calm down, you seem very tense. You just called me rude and then proceed to correcting my spelling mistake? oh well, I guess some of us are very perfect!

I am off to Boden to do some clearance section therapy, want to join me?

kizzibear Sat 09-Jul-11 13:34:31

Sorry but because you would nickname an arianna an 'anna' does not mean I would! And the Arianna I knew from school was always Arianna and my mum's friend was Ari.

Would you like to tell me which film she is a Disney princess in, as its obviously one Im missing....

threefeethighandrising Sat 09-Jul-11 13:35:14

Arianna definitely.

turCENSOREDss Sat 09-Jul-11 13:36:51

Arianna and would never think of Anna as a n/name, definitely Ari.

BibiBelle Sat 09-Jul-11 13:49:31

No thanks, Boden a tad too twee, common and predictable for my liking but thanks for the offer.

And I'm not tense in the slightest, I just don't like people being patronising to other posters, especially when they haven't got the good grace to do so with correct grammar/spelling smile

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