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Hamish - is this a nice name or have I completely lost the plot?

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MamaMia100 Sun 03-Jul-11 19:23:52

I find myself seriously considering Hamish as a middle name (first name will be Benjamin), but I am a bit suspicious that this might be a case of pregnancy insanity and that Hamish may, in fact, be a ridiculous name... Any thoughts?

Other middle names we have considered include Zachary, Milo, Daniel, Oliver, Lucas and Henry.

Thank you!

notnowImreading Sun 03-Jul-11 19:32:06

For what it's worth, I've never taught a horrible Hamish! I always use the biggest pains in the bum from school as a guide to what not to call a child. I've taught three Hamishes in the last two years and they were all charming and delightful. It's a good sign...

LCarbury Sun 03-Jul-11 19:33:05

I have also only met lovely Hamishes. It is a nice name, esp. if you have a Scottish family connection.

spout Sun 03-Jul-11 19:33:09

lovely! I know a grown-up Hamish and it is very distinguished IMO.

TitsalinaBumSquash Sun 03-Jul-11 19:34:17

I love Hamish, I know a Hamish he is lovely and makes me go gooey just looking at him. <sigh>

MamaMia100 Sun 03-Jul-11 19:42:37

Oooh! That's promising - thank you! My husband is Scottish btw.

wotabouttheworkers Sun 03-Jul-11 19:44:43

Lovely name. The finest cat in the land is called Hamish. Seriously though, a great name and not common even in Scotland

MamaMia100 Sun 03-Jul-11 19:46:09

That was actually one of my concerns, that it would be a better name for a pet (eg a scotty dog) than a person. I do love it though!

Also, we live in London - what do any fellow Londoners think of it?

Grabaspoon Sun 03-Jul-11 19:49:29

I have a couple of friends who have a Hamish - very cute name, would have myself if it didn't bring both to mind.

LynetteScavo Sun 03-Jul-11 19:54:06

Hamish is gorgeous.

SloganLogan Sun 03-Jul-11 20:48:32

Hamish is fine, especially as your husband is Scottish.

I like your other options too apart from Lucas which sounds a bit frilly to me.

BellaBearisWideAwake Sun 03-Jul-11 20:52:00

Hamish is gorgeous. Reminds me of the Camomile Lawn by Mary Wesley, wasn't it Calypso's husband? Or her son?

pipparoo Sun 03-Jul-11 21:58:55

I love Hamish and would use it myself if we had Scottish connections. Knew a gorgeous Hamish at uni. Go for it!

superjobeespecs Sun 03-Jul-11 22:30:26

know a hamish and he's delightful, really nice name too smile i'd use it as a first over benjamin!!

CaptainBizarro Mon 04-Jul-11 02:44:54

Great name. My grandfather's. So it even has the 'old man' vibe which seems to be so popular now! grin

emmyloo2 Mon 04-Jul-11 05:08:38

I absolutely adore the name Hamish. I wanted it for DS but the husband said no. Rude really.

I would use it as the first name!

yellowflowers Mon 04-Jul-11 08:19:39

Lovely name

yellowflowers Mon 04-Jul-11 08:26:08

Lovely name

pregnantpause Mon 04-Jul-11 08:33:13

Another one whos never met a bad hamish. Nice strong name for a lad if you ask me. Go for it!

AlpinePony Mon 04-Jul-11 09:18:57

Love it.

Disclaimer: It's my son's middle-name so I may be a little biased! wink

MollysChamber Mon 04-Jul-11 09:21:20

Hamish is by far the best of all your names - including Benjamin.

MavisCruetTheFairy Mon 04-Jul-11 09:33:16

Love Hamish. Lovely name. (am a Londoner BTW)

CaptainBizarro Mon 04-Jul-11 10:16:12

Ooh, unanimous agreement on a name thread! grin

nenevomito Mon 04-Jul-11 10:20:35

Yes I really like Hamish too!

Is this a first for the babynames topic? grin

GoblinMarket Mon 04-Jul-11 10:21:52

Wotabout !!! Yes my gorgeous black puddy tat is Hamish but dh is a vet and not come across another so fear not op!

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