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Thea or Jessie?

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ChangingPlaces Fri 01-Jul-11 10:56:14

Any opinions welcome, or suggestions for similar names. Both would be stand alone names, not short for anything. Cheers!

pilates Fri 01-Jul-11 11:01:12

Jessie, love it.

thisisyesterday Fri 01-Jul-11 11:02:11


Hedwig3 Fri 01-Jul-11 11:05:34


LetThereBeRock Fri 01-Jul-11 11:18:20


chimchar Fri 01-Jul-11 11:19:33

beautiful name...on my shortlist for my imaginary 4th child. grin

SloganLogan Fri 01-Jul-11 11:24:41


Quenelle Fri 01-Jul-11 11:26:40


brightcopperkettles Fri 01-Jul-11 11:44:50

Thea is beautiful

Yama Fri 01-Jul-11 11:45:35

Adore Thea.

pilates Fri 01-Jul-11 12:01:16

Although I don't dislike the name Thea, my only concern would be that other children (and possibly adults) would pronounce it Fe-ah.

pjani Fri 01-Jul-11 12:04:41

I think they're both great. Thea in particular I like.

MsChanandlerBong Fri 01-Jul-11 12:06:55

I really like the name Thea - and I think you might find that with Jessie people continually ask "is that short for Jessica" which I imagine would get pretty annoying!

GwendolineMaryLacey Fri 01-Jul-11 12:12:20

I like Thea but I really like Jessie.

ChangingPlaces Fri 01-Jul-11 12:47:09

Thanks everyone! I really like both names, but maybe leaning slightly towards Thea for the reason mentioned by Ms CB. Still love Jessie though.

funnypeculiar Fri 01-Jul-11 12:50:57

Really like both (am owner of one of child called one of them :-) )

jumpingjackhash Fri 01-Jul-11 12:56:31

Thea - a lovely name, will 'last a lifetime' (iykwim).

Jessie sounds wet and is a dog's name...

superjobeespecs Fri 01-Jul-11 12:59:35

jessie!! my great grans name so im biased grin its sooo pretty thea i just dont get tbh

GnocchiGnocchiWhosThere Fri 01-Jul-11 13:01:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lockets Fri 01-Jul-11 16:19:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChangingPlaces Sat 02-Jul-11 00:18:08

Lockets and other Thea parents, does your Thea have any nicknames or just Thea?

LolaRennt Sat 02-Jul-11 01:37:53

I think of jessie as a boy's name or short for jessica, Thea is lovely (it will be pronounced fe eah in essex though!)

Greenwing Sat 02-Jul-11 07:14:39

Thea is better.
Jessie sounds like the boy's name Jesse and is a nn. It would be better to call her Jessica and use it as a nn.
Jessica is the best option imho.

lockets Sat 02-Jul-11 09:17:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purepurple Sat 02-Jul-11 09:20:45

I love the name Thea. I'm not that keen on Jessie as it seems more like a little girl's name than a grown woman.

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