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Aaargh! We just cant agree...

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BabyCub Wed 29-Jun-11 15:48:31

... on a boy's name!

Girls names? No problem! We are in complete agreement. We have three lined up - Daisy, Scarlett & Amélie - with Amélie likely to be used as a middle name for either of the others.

But boys? Thats a whole other story.

DH wants (wait for it...) Columbus hmm I mean, really? Automatic veto.

I like Oscar, Hugo, Jasper, Isaac. He hates Jasper, it's (apparently) a dog's name. Isaac is too biblical. Thinks Oscar works for a child but not for a grown man. Thinks Hugo is 'ok' but isn't convinced.

Now he has realised Columbus is never going to happen, he has contributed Stanley, Spencer & Charles. None of which I like.

At one point, we came to a sort-of agreement on either Wilson (with Will as a nickname) and Fletcher, which I have now come to love. But typically, now I love Fletcher, he isn't so keen.

We have a strong short surname (starts with a D) which luckily works with all manner of names.

It honestly feels like we have been through every name going and nothing works for both of us. We are in absolute stalemate right now.

Any advice on how we can reach an agreement?? There's only 8 weeks to go....!

SloganLogan Wed 29-Jun-11 16:28:17

I'd go for Scarlett Amélie, because Daisy Amélie has too much of the y/ee sound.

Wilson/Will sounds like a good option as you both like it.

Have you tried typing the names you like into and seeing what else comes up? Here are a few it suggests:

Henry, James, Max, Frederick, Oliver, Leonard, Owen, Levi, Samuel, William, Alexander, Leo, Sebastian, Ethan, Jude, Liam, David, Eli, George, John, Milo, Nathaniel, Lucas, Julian, Patrick.

meditrina Wed 29-Jun-11 16:32:53

For the girls, the initials will spell either SAD or DAD. Would you be ok with that?

Some other boys names: Felix, Samuel, Max, Thomas, Jonathan, Zachary, Ellis, Michael, Benedict, Dominic?

PrincessJenga Wed 29-Jun-11 18:39:48

Sounds mad, but can I suggest that rather than thinking up more names you back off for a while? DP and I also haven't agreed on a name (I'm 36 weeks pg so it's getting a teeny bit urgent) but when I started pushing him to think of more he put up with me for a few days and then finally cracked and explained that he already feels a little 'out of it' because I'm doing the pregnancy, birth, etc and that because I was pushing so much on the name it felt like something else I was doing, rather than something he could be properly involved in. He also admitted that he'd gone off my favourite name (Dylan) because it was 'mine' and not his (Dad is a huge Bob Dylan fan so I wanted Dylan as a mark of respect for him)

Of course, I got mad and told him I was only suggesting names because he wasn't, but since I calmed down and backed off he's come up with some lovely ideas that we both really like. We now have a shortlist of about 5 and are hoping one of them will feel 'right' when LO arrives.

I know your situation will be totally different to ours, but when you wrote But typically, now I love Fletcher, he isn't so keen. it reminded me of how DP and I were about names until we had that conversation.

HTH smile

greenzebra Wed 29-Jun-11 18:54:40

I remember these conversations, in the end when I was 32 weeks I sent him so many text messages with name suggestions he in the end submitted to two of my favourite names. He thought I was getting too hysterical and hormonal about it all and wanted to calm me down bless him. But he did say he loved the names we picked.

Fletcher is a wicked name, my nephew who is due in August is going to be called this.

You still have plenty of time, maybe you should have alook at this website they have lots of lists of names and suggestions. I love this site.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Wed 29-Jun-11 19:31:39

My daughter would have been scarlett but her dad named her, she is now 8 & has started calling herself Scarlett so a thumbs up for that. My 5 year old keeps telling me no to my boy names, I have a definate girls name. Today he told me that 1 name I liked was so silly that we may aswell name the baby toiletseat if it is a boy!!! Gotta love kids. On a plus note he lives his name, Bailey & reckons Bailey jr would be weird but at least baby would have a cool name!

CharlieBoo Wed 29-Jun-11 19:59:41

Daisy much nicer than Scarlett, but will it go with your surname if it also starts with a D and is short snd sharp? I like Hugo best from your boys list...

puffling Wed 29-Jun-11 20:02:00

How about a 70s renaissance. I'd love to have twin boys called Darren and Jason.

BabyCub Thu 30-Jun-11 12:03:12

Thanks so much for all your helpful responses! And sorry for the lack of replies from me yesterday, ended up having a very busy afternoon at work (don't work know I am having a mini-crisis here?!?!) wink

It's funny really, the majority of the alternative names mentioned we have discussed & have been dismissed for one reason or another:

Henry / George - our cats names
James - DH's name (and will be the middle name if it's a boy)
Max - DH thinks it's a pet's name
Oliver - ex boyfriend
Frederick / Leonard / Owen / Lucas / Julian / Patrick / Milo / Zachary / Ellis / Benedict / Alexander - neither of us like
Levi / Eli - too biblical
Samuel / Thomas - nephews
William - we would go for Wilson over William
Leo - i love, DH doesnt
Sebastian - my best friends 'chosen' name so couldnt really steal it wink
Ethan, Jude, Liam - DH dismisses for being too 'celebrity'
David / John / Michael - not unusal enough
Felix - i like & have suggested, DH has vetoed (due to the cat food...)
Dominic - DH's best mates name

PrincessJenga We have argued, talked happily and every way in between! We actually haven't broached the subject in maybe 3 weeks... and everytime someone asks 'and what about boys names?' we respond with 'dont ask!' smile Am hoping that by not talking about it & having some time to reflect & come up with some new suggestions we will be able to discuss it more calmly nearer the time.

Both websites suggested look great so will have a look.

greenzebra I love Fletcher too, am hoping that DH comes back round to liking it, I love 'Fletch' for a nickname too.

CharlieBoo Daisy works really well with our surname, everyone we have mentioned it too has said it sounds wicked.

meditrina We have considered the initials thing (DAD & SAD) and we may decide to change Amelie as a middle name as a result. But part of me thinks you shouldn't get too caught up in these things, and that maybe it's not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

We're definitely going to wait & see if the baby is more of a Daisy or a Scarlett once we meet her. Would just love to have a couple/few boys names that we could treat in the same way!

CharlieBoo Thu 30-Jun-11 12:27:19

Ahhh I'm sure it will sound lovely!! Our little Daisy is 2 now!! It's such a beautiful name.... I am biased though! What about Harry? Didn't see that on your list? Or Henry?

PrincessJenga Thu 30-Jun-11 15:47:20

Oh dear... i think there's only one solution left... names in a hat grin

SloganLogan Thu 30-Jun-11 17:19:07

Gregory, Nicholas, Elliot, Aaron, Joseph, Lewis, Ryan, Alfie, Lawrence, Peter, Isaac, Richard, Christopher, Reuben, Nathan, Harrison, Dylan?

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