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LoveMyOscar Sun 26-Jun-11 20:02:46

I really love those names. Are there any thoughts on them please? smile

olddeuteronomy Sun 26-Jun-11 20:50:27

I think Florian is quite a common boys name in Germany but maybe sounds a bit effeminate to my British ear - however don't think it is awful and people would probably get used to it. However, I think it may take quite a confident child to carry it off.

Dorian just makes me think of Dorian Gray and Birds of a Feather, neither good. Would also seem a bit try hard.

I presume you mean both for boys?

PrettyCandles Sun 26-Jun-11 20:55:38

I know an adult Dorian and he's as mad as a box of frogs, but great fun and very intelligent. Birds of a Feather has never occurred to me - and I used to love it - so I think you might be safe, there. I wouldn't name a girl Dorian, though!

I seem to recall an uncle Florian in the Chalet School books, but haven't cone across it anywhere else.

I like either name, though perhaps Florian is more open to unfortunate nicknames.

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 26-Jun-11 20:56:25

I would think Birds as well although I loved it and loved Dorien so it wouldn't be a problem for me smile

mayanna123 Sun 26-Jun-11 22:02:59

Florian is VERY popular in Germany. I like it. Dorian - don't like the associations.

TangerineQueen Sun 26-Jun-11 23:29:50

There's a Florian in Harry Potter. He gives Harry free ice-creams!

Dory/Dorie is a nice NN as in "What Katy Did"

bibbitybobbityhat Sun 26-Jun-11 23:30:44

Oh dear, sorry but absolutely not.

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