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Ella Louisa

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sidorek Sun 19-Jun-11 21:48:28

scenario: 20 week scan, the consultant announces : it is a baby girl...
Bit of the consternation as I was convinced that I was caring a boy.
Husband sais looking at the screen: what do you think of Ella Louisa?
I like it a lot. Your views please?

JobCarHouseNoBaby Sun 19-Jun-11 21:50:11

Love it!

BikeRunSki Sun 19-Jun-11 21:54:22

A bit "a"ey, but I like it.

I am 21 wks, was also convinced I was having a boy and found out yesterday that it's a girl. So were DH and DS (2) Just about coming to terms with it!

We are in name stalemate.

Sausagesarenottheonlyfruit Sun 19-Jun-11 21:54:33

bit of a tongue twister I'm afraid!

shoobidoo Sun 19-Jun-11 22:05:49

Ella is already used by lots and lots of little girls, which may or may not bother you.

Ilovekittyelise Sun 19-Jun-11 22:06:19

im not so keen on the 'double a', i do think ella louise would be nice, but you might not like louise! like the name ella, but very popular these days so might not be the only one in her class. congrats on your little girl though

RachelHRD Sun 19-Jun-11 22:31:33

I have an Ella Sophia and she is the only Ella amongst her and DS's friends.

Rosemallow Sun 19-Jun-11 22:36:58

I like Ella Louise.
I have an Ella and she is the only one in her large city centre nursery.

MelinaM Mon 20-Jun-11 00:28:10

Ella Louise sounds a lot bettersmile Not a fan of the nn Ellie though!

Mowlem Mon 20-Jun-11 01:03:17

Too similar to Eloise imho.

WiiUnfit Mon 20-Jun-11 10:16:10

The double a doesn't do it for me I'm afraid, love Ella Louise though!

YUMMYMUMMY0111x Mon 20-Jun-11 21:36:11

My wee girl is Emma-Louise so i think the ella-louise is nice

Bandwitch Mon 20-Jun-11 22:41:26

that doesn't work at all, sorry. too many As. It'll be shortened to Ella, so if you like that on its own without the louisa tagged on the end, go ahead.

sidorek Tue 21-Jun-11 08:43:44

thank you very much for your opinionssmile We had been discussing the A and the L in the light what everyone said and ... well: Louisa must stay as this is a name of my husband beloved grandmother. This name will exist more in papers as in real life, she will be just Ella. However, I still leave the margin of error, as I have a vision that the baby arrives and she looks nothing like Ella, but more Sabina-like or Karen-likesmile))

Bandwitch Tue 21-Jun-11 09:25:19

Just call her Louisa. I only know one or two Louisas. It's lovely.

Louisa GabriELLA

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