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Sinople's baby name shortlist

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Sinople Wed 15-Jun-11 11:51:58

Here's the shortlist of baby names I'm considering that I generated with Mumsnet's Baby Name Finder. Let me know what you think.



Lulabellarama Wed 15-Jun-11 11:58:47

My very honest opinions

Blake - Bad
Gus - Terrible
Hayes - The worst
Hugo - Quite sweet, favourite
Lawrence - Bit too formal
Lloyd - Don't like
Lorne - Girls name
Marcus - OK
Rhys - Bit 'chav' round here
Ross - Nice
Sandy - Girls name
Sullivan - Ridiculous
Syrus - Also ridiculous
Wade - Bad

Camilla - Pretty
Elizabeth - Plain
Faith - Bit 'chav'
Gem - Awful
Isla - Too popular
Laura - Lovely
May - Too popular
Ostara - No
Philippa - Alright
Sabah - Quite nice
Skye - Chav
Thea - Lovely
Tia - Chav

rachel1970 Wed 15-Jun-11 12:20:26

Isn't the main thing that you, OP, love the name you choose for your child. Thankfully we all have different tastes - how boring if we all chose the same few 'mumsnet' approved names smile.

Personally I would't choose any of your suggested names but the ones I dislike the least include Marcus, Gus and Ross as well as Faith, Thea and Tia. Good luck!

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 15-Jun-11 12:32:42

Blake 7
Gus - no. Don't like shortened names, why not something like Angus?
Hayes Travel? Is that even a name?
Hugo - ok
Lawrence - ok. Loads of posh people on holiday with little Lawrences shouting Loz loudly.
Lloyd - ok, makes me think of Corrie, Lloyd Cole and Grossman.
Lorne - no
Marcus - really no.
Rhys - ok
Ross - Friends
Sandy Beach?
Sullivan - no
Syrus - no
Wade - round here thats a factory or something you would do in your wellies.

Camilla - lovely name, can't quite get past the Consort though.
Elizabeth - classic and lovely.
Faith - ok
Gem - you are joking right?
Isla - ok but very popular.
Laura - nice.
May - not keen. Always worry that Mays will end up with a name like May Ball.
Ostara - never heard of this one before.
Philippa - ok, know a couple called Pippa for short.
Sabah - will spend the rest of her life explaining that you could spell Sarah, its acutally a different name.
Skye - not my taste.
Thea - ok but know a few
Tia - not common in my socio-economic group, if you get my drift.

lockets Wed 15-Jun-11 13:15:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pilates Wed 15-Jun-11 15:35:31

Pretty bad bunch of names TBH, especially the boys names.

Only like Elizabeth, sorry.

MelinaM Wed 15-Jun-11 15:46:00

Blake - No, surname.
Gus - Hmm, I immediately think of the mouse from Cinderella!
Hayes - Railway station just outside of Londongrin
Hugo - Like, but fast becoming popular.
Lawrence - Lovely.
Lloyd - No, surname.
Lorne - Dreadful
Marcus - Like.
Rhys - Don't like.
Ross - Like.
Sandy - Awful.
Sullivan - No, surname.
Syrus - Noooo!
Wade - Doubly dreadful.

Camilla - Like, but not the connection with Parker-Bowles!
Elizabeth - Lovely.
Faith - Okay, but I feel it's on the up too.
Gem - Non name, Gemma or Jemima.
Isla - Lovely, but very popular.
Laura - Okay, but prefer Lara.
May - Lovely.
Ostara - Bizarre!
Philippa - Don't like.
Sabah - I wanted to correct this to Sabbath, no!
Skye - No.
Thea - No.
Tia - No.

Elizabeth, May and Isla ...and Jemima grin

Lawrence, Marcus and Rosssmile

AberdeenAngusina Wed 15-Jun-11 15:54:45

Surely Gus and Sandy are NNs for Angus and Alexander? Wade is awful - too many possibilities for puns about "weighed" or "wade in a river" or something.

The girls list is far, far better than the boys.

mathanxiety Wed 15-Jun-11 16:54:45

Blake -- Blake's Seven... very American TVland ish
Gus -- Augustus Gloop
Hayes -- '..and fog over much of the eastern seaboard...'
Hugo -- very nice
Lawrence -- nice but nn Larry isn't my cup of tea and Laurie sounds to me like a girl's name
Lloyd -- middle aged American in loud plaid golfing sansabelt trews, cigar...
Lorne -- sounds American middle aged New Yorkish; maybe vaguely Scottish, vaguely girly
Marcus -- too fancy; Mark is nice though
Rhys -- nice
Ross -- TVish (Friends)
Sandy -- NN for Sandra, sounds more of a girl's name from bygone days
Sullivan -- Irish surname; a bit shocking to see it as a forename; I wouldn't use it unless there's a family connection to the name
Syrus -- misspelled Cyrus is my first impression
Wade -- another surnamey name; unless this is a family surname then it is really random imo, just a collection of letters/sounds

Camilla -- very nice
Elizabeth -- very nice, classic
Faith -- nice, maybe a bit prim
Gem -- Gemma nice; Gem not
Isla -- nice, becoming popular
Laura -- nice, classic
May -- mostly used as a middle name but very nice as a first name
Ostara -- very unusual, really old name -- do you have pagan/wiccan links?
Philippa -- nice but may become very popular
Sabah -- theme of morning again, nice name, but do you have a cultural link to the middle east?
Skye -- nice
Thea -- a bit wispy; would it be short for Theodora?
Tia -- means 'aunt' in Spanish. Sounds a bit downmarket imo.

PatriciatheStripper Wed 15-Jun-11 17:00:07

There was an actor called Lorne Greene, but only oldies like me will remember him wink

If you like it you could add Lorna to your girls' list. It's like Laura but more unusual.

Marcus and Cyrus are good classical names. Don't like surnames or nicknames used as forenames, sorry.

SloganLogan Wed 15-Jun-11 22:32:13

Lawrence, Hugo or Marcus

Faith, Laura or Philippa

Sinople Thu 16-Jun-11 04:46:19

Wow, thanks for all of your responses - they made me giggle and Im still smiling grin) I love it that people are so honest on here, I wouldnt get such honesty if I asked anyone I knew. Very, very helpful :-)

manicinsomniac Fri 17-Jun-11 00:28:06

Blake - American, tough guy. Don't like it.
Gus - not keen but I like Angus
Hayes - doesn't sound like a name.
Hugo - sounds very posh and mature. Ok though
Lawrence - ok.
Lloyd - don't really like it.
Lorne - sounds like a girls' name?
Marcus - ok.
Rhys - ok. I prefer this spelling to Reece
Ross - don't really like it.
Sandy - cute. But as a nickname for Alexander.
Sullivan - Interesting. It could grow on me.
Syrus - like it but prefer it spelt Cyrus
Wade - really dislike

Camilla - really cute, like it
Elizabeth - ok but a bit boring and don't like most short versions
Faith - sweet
Gem - short for Gemma? Don't really like it
Isla - pretty, like it
Laura - a little dated now maybe but still, a nice name
May - like it but more as a middle name
Ostara - never heard it but actually love it.
Philippa - I like Pippa
Sabah - sounds very odd
Skye - quite cute
Thea - lovely
Tia - sweet

From your list I think I'd go for Cyrus or Sullivan and Ostara or Thea

topazmcgonagall Fri 17-Jun-11 01:22:05

Blake -not keen
Gus -okay
Hayes - train station in outer London
Hugo - not keen
Lawrence - okay
Lloyd - okay
Lorne - like, classy old Scottish name, girl's name is Lorna
Marcus - okay
Rhys - like
Ross - like
Sandy - like, as nn for Alexander
Sullivan - like
Syrus - like, unusual
Wade - not keen

Camilla - like
Elizabeth - like
Faith - like
Gem - don't like
Isla - not keen, although the only Isla I know is lovely
Laura - like
May - okay, prefer Mae
Ostara - don't like, sounds a bit gynaecological to me
Philippa - like
Sabah - mmm, never heard it before. Maybe too much like Sabat
Skye - like
Thea - like
Tia - like

My favourites from your list would be Lorne or Sullivan and Elizabeth, Camilla or Tia.

islanzadi Tue 05-Jul-11 01:24:03

i think i'm the only one the likes blake. i wouldn't name my kid blake but i love the name :P


Blake - see above
Gus - reminds me of Gus Goose .. don't ask!
Hayes - not keen sorry
Hugo - not keen
Lawrence - like it
Lloyd - not keen
Lorne - don't like it
Marcus - love it
Rhys - love it
Ross - love it
Sandy - too girly imo
Sullivan - love it
Syrus - not keen
Wade - not keen

Camilla - like it
Elizabeth - like it
Faith - not keen
Gem - not keen
Isla - love it
Laura - love it
May - not keen
Ostara - not keen - sounds odd
Philippa - i like it
Sabah - same as above- too close to sabat
Skye - like it but as a middle name perhaps
Thea - like it
Tia - as long as you don't choose maria as a middle name :O

oohlaalaa Wed 06-Jul-11 13:17:13

Blake - not keen on, but not terrible
Gus - ok
Hayes - It is awful
Hugo - poncey alternative to v nice name Hugh
Lawrence - lovely, prefer it spelt Laurence and Laurie as nn
Lloyd - I like it
Lorne - too similar to Lorna
Marcus - poncey alternative to name Mark
Rhys - I like it
Ross - I like it
Sandy - nice, if it is a nn to Alexander
Sullivan - a surname, awful
Syrus - Prefer spelling Cyrus, I think its a persian name
Wade - Terrible. I think Virginia Wade

Camilla - if it didnt have the association to Camilla Park-Your-Balls it would be ok
Elizabeth - lovely
Faith - nice
Gem - ok as nn for Gemma
Isla - lovely
Laura - fabulous name
May - nice, prefer it spelt Mae
Ostara - awful
Philippa - nice, also like Pippa as a nn
Sabah - I've never heard it. I think Saber tooth titer
Skye - nice.
Thea - nice
Tia - lovely

OscarLove Wed 06-Jul-11 14:13:40

Blake - Dislike
Gus - Noo, reminds me of a fat mouse called Gus
Hayes - WFT, seriously?!
Hugo - No, too posh without being classy-posh
Lawrence - Ok, nice
Lloyd - No's horrible!
Lorne - Another WTF! I dislike this immensly.
Marcus - Don't like it personally, but it's usable.
Rhys - Nice
Ross - Too overused in the 70's I think
Sandy - Is this a nickname for a longer name? I do like it!
Sullivan - No, it's a surname!
Syrus - I prefer Cyrus but isn't this a surname too?
Wade - No way!

Camilla - Nice, sophisticated and elegant
Elizabeth - Lovely!
Faith - Lovely!
Gem - No! If you're going to use Gem, why not call her Gemma/Jemima and use Gem/Jem as your personal nickname?
Isla - Nice but too common these days
Laura - Lovely, timeless
May - No
Ostara - Is this even a real name?!
Philippa - Lovely, also love the nn this smile
Sabah - Hate this
Skye - It's a bit...hmm, common and chavvy round here!
Thea - Nice, but what about Dorothea and use Thea as nn?
Tia - I feel this is a black girls' name

rainbowtoenails Wed 06-Jul-11 21:39:41

Blake, reminds me of the H&A character but fine
Gus no, no nns
Hayes, no, too surnamey
Hugo, ok depending on the child
Lawrence, ok
Lloyd, ok
Lorne, nice
Marcus, prefer mark
Rhys, prefer reece
Ross, good if scottish
Sandy, good
Sullivan, too monsters inc
Syrus, shouldn't ot bt with a c?
Wade, too american

Camilla, too future queen
Elizabeth, too current queen
Faith, buffy character?
Gem, Gemma is v gd
Isla, fr too popular in scotland atm
Laura, old and frumpy
May, too little old lady
Ostara, doesnt sound like a real name
Philippa, no more royal names please!
Sabah, only if ethnic
Skye, like a lot
Thea, ok but bit nney
Tia, maria?

AnaisB Wed 06-Jul-11 22:23:38

You sound like you're up for some honesty!

Blake - like, would use this name but DH doesn't like.
Gus - dislike, sounds like it should be short for something
Hayes - he'd have to spell his name a lot, dislike
Hugo - not keen - pretentious?
Lawrence - feminine sounding
Lloyd - dislike
Lorne - OK if there's a family link
Marcus - like smile
Rhys - fine
Ross - feels like it was popular in the late 70s
Sandy - as a nn
Sullivan - dislike
Syrus - don't know if I like!
Wade - reminds me of Wade Smith - but I am from L'pool

Camilla - nice
Elizabeth - fine (and lots of potential nns)
Faith - OK, a bit prim
Gem - really nice
Isla - nice
Laura - really pretty
May - recently very popular as a middle name, but nice
Ostara - don't know
Philippa - OK
Sabah - dislike
Skye - from neighbours? - but pretty
Thea - dislike
Tia - dislike

Sinople Sun 10-Jul-11 12:32:33

many thanks, im really enjoying reading people's opinions!!!

superjobeespecs Sun 10-Jul-11 13:19:16

blake rhys and elizabeth are the only ones i like smile

cece Sun 10-Jul-11 13:34:21

Blake - seven!
Gus - like
Hayes - WTF?
Hugo - love
Lawrence - OK
Lloyd - bank
Lorne - yes for a girl, no for a boy
Marcus - prefer Mark
Rhys - nice if you are Welsh
Ross - Friends
Sandy - not for me
Sullivan - NO
Syrus - thought it was spelt with a C. Not for me
Wade - like the China?

Camilla - pretty
Elizabeth - good nn potential
Faith - like but prefer Faye
Gem - awful but like Jemma
Isla - pretty
Laura - ok but a bit boring
May - like
Ostara - ?
Philippa - like nn too
Sabah - no
Skye - no
Thea - love love love
Tia - Maria?

You have a lot of brand names don't you!

cece Sun 10-Jul-11 13:35:21

Blakes Seven

Alioco Wed 13-Jul-11 14:20:35

God wouldn't it be awful if we all liked the same boring names! Every girl would be Elizabeth!
Go with your heart.

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