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popsicle1984 Fri 10-Jun-11 23:55:52

Your thoughts on:

Alberta (Albie, Bertie)

Amos - Do pronounce this A-Moss or more like A-mus? Don't want it to rhyme with anus!! I pronounce is with the moss sound
Walter - Would he be Wally??

MelinaM Sat 11-Jun-11 00:17:37

Love Aria, Athena, Clementine, Delilah and Pearlsmile

Alberta reminds me too much of the Canadian city, Octavia is a bit passe - it had a moment a few years back I recall, don't like Maeve or Una at all.

Seth, Solomon and Walter are fabsmile

Amos is a bit blah, Chester, Fraser and Nelson are very 'surnamey' and quite 'American' in sound, and I'm not a fan of Jasper or Otis.

MelinaM Sat 11-Jun-11 00:18:04

Walter - Walt or Walty?

kiteflying Sat 11-Jun-11 02:57:55

I like Amos. I know an Amos my daughter's age (3yrs) and he is a cutey - doesn't sound at all blah to me. He is A-moss.

tummytickler Sat 11-Jun-11 08:20:52

I like your lists - 2 of my dc are on here!
I have an Amos, and his name is pronounced A-moss. I still love his name nearly four years later - my favourite boys name of all time.
I also have a Pearl - so I love that too!

Clementine - not keen, I know a couple and both get Clemmy, which is horrible
Pearl - dd - love
Delilah - like , but blends in with the Lila/Lola/Lily thing a bit
Octavia - Love this
Alberta (Albie, Bertie) - adore this - little Bertie is so cute
Una - not keen
Athena - not keen
Aria - not keen
Maeve - ok

Solomon - lovely, strong and handsome
Amos - ds My fav boys name ever - A-moss.
Seth - not keen,
Chester - no
Otis - lovely
Jasper - lovely
Fraser - ok
Walter - Would he be Wally?? How about Walt? Really love this.
Nelson - no

lockets Sat 11-Jun-11 09:13:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Sat 11-Jun-11 12:01:33

Only like Maeve tbh - Bertie for a girl is horrible, imho.

Solomon - okay but much prefer Simeon
Amos - hate this, sorry
Seth - I detest this name though most people on MN seem to love it. It sounds evil and hissy to me, sorry.
Chester - bad
Otis - worse
Jasper -ok
Fraser - bad
Walter - Would he be Wally?? - okay but much prefer Wilfred
Nelson - awful

Maeve is really lovely.

popsicle1984 Sat 11-Jun-11 16:24:58

Hmmm, mixed opinions! Chester has been my fave for a while, it's slipping a bit now though! Whats the issue with it??

Tummytickler, your kids names are awesome! What sort of reaction have you had? Do most of the other kids you know have top 50 type names? As I think most of the ones I know do which Is why I worry! Also what are your fave names at the mo? I think I like your taste!!

Mollydoggerson Sat 11-Jun-11 17:39:47

Clementine - pretty but long
Pearl - like it alot, very pretty
Delilah - Like it but prefer Delia
Octavia - dislike it
Alberta (Albie, Bertie) - Good name for an adult, not very cutesy for a child, good strong name though.
Una - dislike it
Athena - Card shop
Aria - like it
Maeve - Like it, srtong name, Queen Maeve.

Solomon - Like it, Noble, nice ring to it.
Amos - Hate it
Seth - dislike it
Chester - Place name, dislike it.
Otis - like it alot
Jasper - Carrot
Fraser - cool , really like it
Walter - Love it , the winner for me.
Nelson - it's ok.

SloganLogan Sat 11-Jun-11 23:07:54

From your girls' list I like Clementine, Pearl, Delilah and Octavia.

I like Amos, Otis and Jasper from the boys' list.

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