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shortlist... opinions please

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TeelaBrown Thu 09-Jun-11 15:57:23

I'm due at the end of November, don't know whether it's a boy or a girl.

What do you think of these or any other suggestions? I ran into some trouble with surname compatibility (the baby is going to have two non-hyphenated surnames, beginning U[2 syllables] S[two syllables]



Thanks guys!!

IslaValargeone Thu 09-Jun-11 15:59:33

Thea lovely.
From a recent experience at a wedding where the middle name was Leonard and everybody laughed, I'd probably give that one a miss. Like Theo too.

Renaissance227 Thu 09-Jun-11 16:04:02

I like Amy, Rowena, and George. smile

Isthreetoomany Thu 09-Jun-11 16:28:19

I like Sylie and Thea. Don't like Leah - I dismissed it due to not liking the name meaning (depends on whether the meanings matter to you).

Like George and Theo.

CherryDrops Thu 09-Jun-11 16:33:36

For a girl I like Amy, Sylvie or Thea. For a boy, George, Leo or Theo. Not keen on the rest.

NurseSunshine Thu 09-Jun-11 17:26:37

I like Sylvie, Thea and Leah for girls and Leo and Theo for boys.

TeelaBrown Thu 09-Jun-11 17:33:08

Oooh, thanks everybody.

I had not thought much about name meanings, but I have now looked up Thea and I see what you mean, Isthreetoomany.

Have just found out that if you type a name into Wikipedia it tells you the meaning and a list of famous people with that name. Ace. Have ruled out Jared on this basis, as it almost exclusively used in America, and there were two Jareds with my surname (or at least a homonym of) who were not very inspiring people grin. Leo and Theo are very international.

I like Rowena, my only worry is that she would be called 'Weenie', as was a girl from school called Edwina... not in a derogatory way, she was very popular smile. Also, it is quite an Anglo-Saxon name, as is my surname and goes with the whole 'myname DHname' combo.

On further reflection, Amy is a bit ordinary. Love Sylvie more than Thea (I think!). Also having a Thea would rule out subsequently having a Theo.... hmmmm!

rachel234 Thu 09-Jun-11 17:34:17

I like Sylvie ane Thea very much.

For a boy I like Leonard (Leo) and Theodore (Theo). Jared is nice too.

TeelaBrown Thu 09-Jun-11 17:34:47

Um. Now I look up LEAH. Doh!

EdithWeston Thu 09-Jun-11 17:38:58

I'd choose George, and nn him Gus!

LetThereBeRock Thu 09-Jun-11 17:43:41

Amy is ok.

Leah is horrid.

This is what I associate with Rowena now.Every time I read it, I hear it in my mind like that,and it's a very unattractive name imho.

Sylvie is beautiful.

Love Thea too.

Of your boy names I love Theo,but don't like the others at all.

chickydoo Thu 09-Jun-11 17:49:11

Well I love Theo!!
My youngest is Theodore. We call him Theodore if he is naughty, Theo most of the time. His eldest sister calls him Teddy, very cute.
Also gets called Thebes? Thebe? and "Oi you with blonde curls"

pilates Thu 09-Jun-11 20:40:40

Like: Arthur, George & Jared

Girls names not keen on any of them, Amy is ok.

How about Helena, Violet or Esme?

oohlaalaa Fri 10-Jun-11 13:20:49

I like Amy and Leah best, with girls. From the boys I like George, Arthur. Theo and Leo.

PatriciatheStripper Fri 10-Jun-11 13:30:08

Have always loathed the name 'Leah' - sounds like 'leer'. I've never understood why anyone would choose it.

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