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nearlymumofone Sun 05-Jun-11 19:18:15

What do you think of it? I'm pg with DC2 and although it's early days heard this name recently and thought it sounded pretty. Pronounced Leesha I think...

MelinaM Sun 05-Jun-11 20:27:41

It looks and sounds made up. My friend's daughter is named Alisha (A-Lee-Sha), but is known as Leisha.

salvadory Sun 05-Jun-11 20:34:55

It's an Irish name, i like it but think it's spelled laoise(?) am sure an Irish mumsnetter will have the correct spelling soon.

insertfunnynicknamehere Sun 05-Jun-11 20:46:18

Irish mumsnetter Laoise is a county in Ireland not a popular irish name at all... There is Eilish..that's a good sturdy irish name...

Bunbaker Sun 05-Jun-11 20:55:29

Is it pronounced Lie-sha or Leesha?

nearlymumofone Sun 05-Jun-11 21:29:23

Bun- Pronounced Lee-sha, I heard it in conversation, as a friend of a friend's name, not a child's name but an adult, so thought it probably wasn't made up, but now unsure!! Still think it's pretty though!

Insert- How is Eilish pronounced?

darleneoconnor Sun 05-Jun-11 21:34:50

eilish is pronounced A (as in hate)-li (as in hit)sh

I've seen leesha spelled- Leica and Lecia. Nice name.

nearlymumofone Sun 05-Jun-11 21:36:08

Hmmm I'm liking Eilish now!! Is it common?

insertfunnynicknamehere Sun 05-Jun-11 22:09:10

Less common now than what it used to be, Id go as far to say its quite rare. We seem to be going through a phase of more modern names here in Ireland so you wouldnt see it much. It would have been as common as Mary here at one point..But you rarely see kids being named Mary these days do you?
You can pronounch it as Darlene says..or Eye-lish!

salvadory Sun 05-Jun-11 22:36:45

I have Irish relatives with a leesha (phonetic spelling) I'll try and find the right spelling, I'm not confusing with eilish either which I don't like.

insertfunnynicknamehere Sun 05-Jun-11 23:16:18

Do you mean Ailish?

Bunbaker Mon 06-Jun-11 09:02:35

"I've seen leesha spelled- Leica"

Leica is pronounced Like-a - it is a brand of camera.

darleneoconnor Mon 06-Jun-11 09:32:57

Never heard of that brand but know of someone with that spelling and pronounciation of name.

You can also have ailish spelt aylish.

ThoraNogson Mon 06-Jun-11 12:12:28

I knew a Leisha once who was lovely, she said her parents had made it up.

reenzeen Mon 06-Jun-11 19:26:19

Im Irish and have seen the name Laoise, also know a few Eilish's, my cousin's is spelt Eilis and still pronounced a-lish, and I've seen it spelt Ailish- but this would be more uncommon, default spelling would be Eilish.

nearlymumofone Wed 08-Jun-11 19:31:31

Thanks for your comments- I'm thinking I might prefer Eilish now after this thread, but still liking Leisha. They will definately be in my shortlist!

QualiaQuale Wed 08-Jun-11 19:33:52

No, LAOIS is the county, LAOISE is a girls name, not that uncommon. Not the same thing.

radancer Wed 08-Jun-11 20:43:17

When I win the lottery the first thing I'll buy will be a Leica.

Ailish is lovely.

PalazzoPants Wed 08-Jun-11 21:17:24

Ailis and Eilish are two different names, aren't they?

mathanxiety Wed 08-Jun-11 21:17:49

Eilis is Irish form of Elizabeth.

Laoise is the genitive form of Laois in Irish ('Mairseál Rí Laoise' trad tune here). I've heard it as a girl's name but it sounds made up to my ear. I think the A ending accounts for its use as a girl's name, same as Naoise.

tiptoptally Wed 08-Jun-11 21:50:15

I had a childhood friend called Lesia (pronounced Leh-sha), her parents are ukranian, i absolutely love this name.

fairieswearboots Wed 08-Jun-11 21:56:17

How about Lisa instead?

bilblio Wed 08-Jun-11 22:06:11

I always thought it was Leisha, it's mentioned in the song "Not Given Lightly". I've always liked the name, but as DH pointed out, they'd get called Leash, which isn't so good a nickname. smile

iridium Wed 08-Jun-11 22:18:04

I've known a Leisha. She was a feisty, confident woman.

stleger Wed 08-Jun-11 22:23:48

My dd2 has a friend called Laoise (pronounced Leesha); we are in Cork. The Queen was Eilis when she was here (in Ireland, not just Cork but she liked Cork!)

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