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Middle name for Edward...

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mamma2boyz Sun 05-Jun-11 15:06:36

slightly more interesting if possible...

will be known as Ned


Antidote Sun 05-Jun-11 15:10:31

Felix, but then I am biased grin

lurkerspeaks Sun 05-Jun-11 15:33:58 is what everyone uses!

pilates Sun 05-Jun-11 16:50:06

Edward Louis
Edward David
Edward Francis

Climbthewall Sun 05-Jun-11 18:03:31

Edward Saul

flopsy1974 Sun 05-Jun-11 18:16:25

Edward Arthur. Fab name.

randomimposter Sun 05-Jun-11 18:28:03

I LOVE Ned despite what those north of the border say.

Edward Bonaventure.

MelinaM Sun 05-Jun-11 18:52:25

Edward Atticus
Edward Balthazar
Edward Caspian
Edward George
Edward Gray
Edward Inigo
Edward Jaoquin
Edward Lysander
Edward Orlando
Edward Phineaus
Edward Rafferty
Edward Raphael /Rafael
Edward Sebastian
Edward Thaddeus
Edward Wilfred

mamma2boyz Sun 05-Jun-11 19:28:03

Thanks guys

Am liking Edward Louis and Edward Felix....brilliant...Felix is on my list but dh wont have it so hope I can squeeze it in there!
Less than 24 hours to wait to find out....yay xx

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