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Middle name opinions and suggestions needed

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daisybear Sat 04-Jun-11 12:29:32

I think i'm going insane trying to find the perfect name for my buba. I'm finding it such a huge responsibilty and really want to get it right.

We've shotlisted to ELiza and Laila as first names. Though we also like Elsa and Matilda.

If we name her Eliza the middle name will definately be Florence and me and hub LOVE this name..... only problem is i think i would shudder if DD decided to go by Liz when she's older so that puts me off the name a little.

If we name her Laila (which i slightly prefer) then i am totally stuck on middle names. It was going to be Laila Hope but the Corronation Street assosiation is really putting me off - especially with the big story line this week.
other ideas are:
Laila Esme
Laila Beatrice/ Beatrix
and my hub likes Laila Belle

Any other idea's for mn's for Laila appreciated or opinions on the ones we have (not rose, may/mai or grace though as they are very popular with my friends children).

many thanks smile

fairieswearboots Sat 04-Jun-11 12:59:05

Hi. Eliza is lovely and i don't think is likely to be shortened to Liz because the sound isn't in the name iyswim. I like Laila too and if I was choosing I would go for this. However it is more trendy and not as classic. How about

Laila Elizabeth

Laila Florence

Laila Jasmine

Laila Juliet (my pick)

jammiedodger11 Sat 04-Jun-11 13:01:41

I love the name Eliza Florence but like you am not keen on nn Liz. Not sure that would put me off of it though. How about swapping them around Florence Eliza?

Not really keen on Laila but out of your choices I would go with Beatrice as a middle name. Have you considered Beatrice for a first name?

Laila Esme - doesn't really roll off the tongue.
Laila Belle - sorry but this sounds like the name of a boat.

How about Laila Violet? Difficult without having an idea of your surname.

Good luck with making a decision.

missrabbitsshoeshop Sat 04-Jun-11 13:22:54

Laila Primrose..?

daisybear Sat 04-Jun-11 16:25:27

Hi and thanks for the suggestions

like laila florence and laila violet

i'm not allowed beatrice as a first name as dh is't as keen on it as i am and as much as we love florence i don't like the nn's for it to be a first name.

our surname is w a l l e r if that helps so think i need a strong middle name without an L sound (i'm not a fan of Laila Belle either...its my hubs that likes it).

squeak2392 Sat 04-Jun-11 21:24:46

I like all your ideas - although not Laila Esme or Belle.
I wasn't actually going to comment at all, as I don't really have a definite favourite here, but you've reminded me that I like Lilibel and Lilibeth. How about one of those instead of Laila?
Names could be Lilibel Florence or Lilibeth Marie.

I like Hope as a first name as it happens. I don't watch Coronation Street though, so I have no idea what your worried about.

daisybear Sun 05-Jun-11 17:47:48

any other idea's on mn for Laila??
pretty please smile

i just can't seem to find anything that flow's nicely other than the well used Grace and rose.

and now hubby has vetoed mn beatrice sad maybe i can convince him mid-contraction wink

Prinpo Sun 05-Jun-11 17:57:04

If you both love Florence then why not have Laila Florence? Or are you worried about too many L sounds with your surname? Personally, I think it sounds lovely.

The only other middle names I can think of (Elizabeth, Felicity) have L in them too.

OK, a couple more ideas. How about:

Laila Iris
Laila Pearl

Agree that Laila Belle sounds like a boat.

Sorry, not being much help here. Would just reiterate that I don't think having a middle name with L in it is a problem and if you both love Florence (which is a beautiful name) then I'd be tempted to go with it.

Good luck!

pilates Sun 05-Jun-11 19:58:41

Eliza Florence not keen on Laila.

pipparoo Sun 05-Jun-11 20:17:45

I think Eliza Florence is lovely and goes so much better with your surname than Laila. i don't think Liz would be a natural nn for Eliza. HTH!

daisybear Mon 06-Jun-11 08:42:13

Thanks again

From the suggestions i like Laila Pearl and i'd never even thought of Laila Florence as i wasn't sure they matched as well as Eliza Florence so thats also a possibility.

It may be a case of having a list of mn's if she's laila and deciding on the day.

Glad Eliza Florence seems to get the thumbs up and most people think she wouldn't become a Liz smile

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