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AnnieDelores' baby name shortlist

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AnnieDelores Wed 01-Jun-11 20:47:39

Here's the shortlist of baby names I'm considering that I generated with Mumsnet's Baby Name Finder. Let me know what you think.



mathanxiety Wed 01-Jun-11 20:52:48

I like Samson and Aurelia, not the others.

no1childminder Wed 01-Jun-11 20:56:07

I like Haydn, I would probably spell it Hayden though.

Love Teddy.

Not so keen on the girls names, both sound like diseases. sorry lol.

Marne Wed 01-Jun-11 20:57:11

love Samson, not sure about the girls names.

pilates Thu 02-Jun-11 21:02:51

Don't like boys names, but like the girls.

SloganLogan Fri 03-Jun-11 14:30:22

Samson and Aurelia.

squeak2392 Fri 03-Jun-11 20:10:34

I like Haydn spelt Hayden, or Samson.
I think Aurelia is marginally better than Ophelia, but they're both lovely.

greenzebra Sat 04-Jun-11 11:35:58

Love Ophelia its my DD1s name. Shes called Fee for short. Its beautiful.

sims2fan Sun 05-Jun-11 13:30:23

I like the girls names. Samson is fine. Haydn would be spelled wrong by other people his whole life. And Teddy is a nice nickname for Edward.

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