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classic or plain?

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ceri1985 Mon 30-May-11 06:54:53

Dh and I have picked what we perceive to be classic, timeless names for our first baby, due in November.
For a boy, Benjamin nn Ben
For a girl Lucinda nn Lucy
Do you think these names are timeless or a little bit plain / boring? Our surname is Graham.


MamaVoo Mon 30-May-11 10:00:01

I think timeless and classic and with the advantage that they'll have a longer name that's also nice.

belgo Mon 30-May-11 10:03:05

I think Lucinda will date very quickly. That might not matter to you if you like it.

savoycabbage Mon 30-May-11 10:03:40

I see Ben as plain/dull but not Lucy. Ben is nice enough and is classic, but it does not excite me.

Lucy is a lovely name

randomimposter Mon 30-May-11 10:31:24

Ben's ok - prefer Benedict myself as the longer name.

Lucy grates on my ears a bit, don't know why. Much prefer Lucia (Loo-chi-ah) if you want a "Lu" name, and would use Lulu as a small person nickname.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 30-May-11 10:33:16

Think they are both lovely.

evamummy Mon 30-May-11 11:30:52

Lucinda/Lucy is classic and quite underused at the moment - great.

Benjamin/Ben is classic but bery overused at the moment - dull.

Hassled Mon 30-May-11 11:32:19

I think classic. Nice names.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 30-May-11 11:32:45

Agree that Lucinda is underused but not Lucy. All the Lucys at DDs nursery are all called by their first and last names to distinguish them from one another.

rachel234 Mon 30-May-11 11:34:08

Both are 'classic' names.

But Ben is very high up the popularity lists so quite overused (and perhaps a little dull too...), whereas Lucy is not as widely used.

ChippingIn Mon 30-May-11 11:35:00

I like Ben & Lucy smile They are 'plain' , but there's nothing wrong with a nice plain name that everyone knows and can spell smile

I'm not so keen on Benjamin (but better than Benedict!) and Lucinda - but it's the age old arguement of whether to go with the long name or not isn't it smile

squeak2392 Mon 30-May-11 12:21:58

I don't like Benjamin personally (although I do like Ben), but I think it's timeless.
Lucy's a lovely name. I think it's underused these days, so it's not plain.
Lucinda I'm not sure about. It's certainly not plain, but I'm not sure it's classic either. Luciana?

mistressploppy Mon 30-May-11 12:25:32

Lovely and classic, both. Sometimes you can try TOO hard with names, I think.

Greenwing Mon 30-May-11 16:10:26

Lovely and classic. Not boring at all.
Both nns are sweet for little ones while longer names are sensible for adults, although Lucinda is quite 'jolly hockey' sticks imo.
Good choices (I like hockey anyway!).

Youcantaffordme Mon 30-May-11 16:23:46

Lucinda can be Cindy as well.

Wottywot Tue 31-May-11 19:20:58

We like Benjamin - but if we had it I would prefer to call him Benji

Ooopsadaisy Tue 31-May-11 19:27:00

Both lovely names with classic references and history.

They were both in my lists.

I know some people find "old" names boring but I love names that span generations.

There was nothing more exciting for me than cross referencing my lists of fav names with my Dad's interest in genealogy and finding both DC's names back in the 1600s and 1700s.

Endless historical and biblical references too!

I still love DC's names and am so glad we chose them.

CharlieBoo Tue 31-May-11 20:44:20

I am a Lucy...personally I would HATE Lucinda....stick with just Lucy...

mayanna123 Tue 31-May-11 21:00:32

Ben is a little dull but only because it is very widely used already. Lucy is nice - I don't know any Lucys under 5.

pilates Wed 01-Jun-11 20:30:46

Both very nice names.

whizzyrocket Wed 01-Jun-11 20:48:03

They're both good names- although I'm not sure how much little Lucy would thank you for being a Lucinda (imagine how she'll feel at school every time a new teacher goes through the register).

PatriciatheStripper Wed 01-Jun-11 21:03:00

I doubt she'd be scarred for life smile

Lucinda can be either Lucy or Cindy (or indeed Lulu, Lou etc). If she doesn't care for the Lucy names it gives her another option.

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