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Iona Fiona Ann: silly?!

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whatapip Sat 28-May-11 13:42:54

We don't know whether we're having a boy or a girl (due in about a week's time), and are really struggling with girl's names.

We both really like Iona but would like to include our mothers' names as middle names: I think Iona Fiona Ann sounds too silly and Iona Ann Fiona doesn't sound right; hubby thinks either sounds okay. Just wondering what others think - the other name we both like is Erin.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

belgo Sat 28-May-11 13:44:23

Iona Fiona Ann sounds nice actually. You do know Ben Fogle has just called his new baby Iona?

cjbartlett Sat 28-May-11 13:44:52

Iona Fiona definitely not
I'd have Fiona as first name if you like Iona it's not much different
or Annie Fiona is nice

ninedragons Sat 28-May-11 13:47:13

Iona Fiona is utterly ridiculous. Sorry.

IslaValargeone Sat 28-May-11 13:48:27

Behave yourself woman!

VivaLeBeaver Sat 28-May-11 13:50:29

How about Iona Fiona Rona Mona Paloma Anne?

Much better IMHO.

Grabaspoon Sat 28-May-11 13:51:28

Can't you just have Iona Ann - as Iona is as close to Fiona, without the F!

IslaValargeone Sat 28-May-11 14:04:49

I'm in agreement with viva's suggestion, there's a subtlety to it which is just right.

PaisleyLeaf Sat 28-May-11 14:08:34

Not Iona Ann - sounds like 'I own a ran'

coccyx Sat 28-May-11 14:11:53

Surely not??? IONA then fIONA

PorkChopSter Sat 28-May-11 14:17:46

Iona Fiona Ann is too much "What is it Lassie?" for me.

I think I-ona and Fi-ona are just too similar. And Fiona and Ann are very similar, it's using all the same letters too much.

Did you consider Isla? Or use the celtic Iona: more of a Yona sound? Although Yona Fiona still rhyme.

IslaValargeone Sat 28-May-11 14:30:09

grin this thread is really making me laugh.

evamummy Sat 28-May-11 14:49:24

Is this a wind up hmm.

BabesandJugs Sat 28-May-11 15:43:20

Evamummy i'm glad you asked before me wink

Erin Fiona Anne is much better, if you are serious steer clear of Iona Fiona

I own a Fiona ?

whatapip Sat 28-May-11 17:12:29

Sadly evamummy it's not a windup but thank you for the valuable contribution wink.

As I said in my original post, I think it's too silly to contemplate and the majority of the answers have confirmed my suspicions.

Glad to provide some amusement on a Saturday afternoon smile

Prinpo Sat 28-May-11 17:12:44

I was wondering about Clara Tara Sara Lara. Too much?

Seriously, OP, they're all pretty names by themselves but you just can't. smile

valiumbandwitch Sat 28-May-11 17:19:41

NO. YOu have to choose ONE, either Fiona OR Iona.

Jezabelle Sat 28-May-11 17:24:27

The way I see it is if it's important for you to use your mum's name as a middle name, and you love the name Iona as a first name then you should go for it. How often do people use their middle names? Most people I know don't even know my middle name. If it comes up in conversation I am proud to tell them that it is my Granny's name. I don't think it's silly.

freesias Sat 28-May-11 17:36:30

it's not great and this from someone who put felicity cecily on her dd's birth cert (holds her head in shame and blames it on the hormones) . we have changed it since as the moment we saw it in black and white we realised the error of our ways .

fwiw i prefer fiona to iona . iona to similar to i own a for my taste .

how about ioanna pronouced yoh anna .

IHeartIona Sat 28-May-11 17:40:51

Iona is nice grin but I wouldn't have Fiona in the middle with it

bidibidi Sat 28-May-11 18:12:21

Sorry, I did snort when I read the title. It strikes me as pretty bizarre.
Erin works better with Ann + Fiona, if you must.

olddeuteronomy Sat 28-May-11 20:01:09

Iona Fiona sounds a bit silly.

I think Iona is close enough to Fiona to be a tribute in itself, as someone said. Why not add another 'F' middle name to break up Iona and Anne, eg

Iona Florence Anne

or you could change Ann a bit as well, so both names are similar to your mothers' but slightly altered eg

Iona Roseanne

Iona is lovely, and much nicer than Erin imo, so would be shame not to use it just because it does not go with Fiona.

MeantToStopAtTwo Sun 29-May-11 10:37:18

No, don't do it! Sounds ridiculous and will always be commented on (negatively).

squeak2392 Sun 29-May-11 13:39:07

Yes, it is too silly.
I was going to suggest Iona Flora Ann before I read that it was after relatives.
You could use Iona Fionnuala Ann?

TheMonster Sun 29-May-11 13:40:27

Yes it is ridiculous.

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