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Give me a three letter middle name that goes with Iris

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Thandeka Wed 25-May-11 17:10:54

DD has a lovely name (if I say so myself- 4letters then three and it kinda makes a double name if we are so inclined)

Pregnant again and though its too early to start thinking of such we both like Iris but want a 3 letter middle name that could possibly be used as a double name (as will match really well with DD's name).

So far I kinda like
Iris Mae
Iris Ava

but they aren't "it" so I need more suggestions please!

Completely stumped for boys names but will worry about that after 20week scan if they say its a boy!

BooBooGlass Wed 25-May-11 17:11:55


bisybackson Wed 25-May-11 17:12:33

May - or Mai, if you prefer.

bisybackson Wed 25-May-11 17:13:13

Sory didn't read properly blush - but at least I agree with you

CeliaDeBohun Wed 25-May-11 17:14:39

Extremely unfashionable, I know, but Ann goes quite nicely with Iris. Or Ena.

RockOnMrs Wed 25-May-11 17:15:16

Was going to suggest May but you already have Mae ...

Bo? (oops, 2 letters)

Does it have to be a 3-letter name, or can it be a one-syllable name such as Rose, Belle?

Iris is a beautiful name grin My DD is named after a flower too.

UrsulaBuffay Wed 25-May-11 17:15:19

Iris Eve would be I receive grin

Perpetuallypregnant Wed 25-May-11 17:15:39

I immediately thought Eve too.

Insomnia11 Wed 25-May-11 17:16:12


CeliaDeBohun Wed 25-May-11 17:16:19

Sorry, I meant Ena also goes with Iris smile

Thandeka Wed 25-May-11 17:25:22

Ooh I like bob! ;)

I recieve - eep- I liked Eve til you pointed that out.

Suppose it doesn't have to be three letters but would like it to match dd a bit.

I love Iris Rose but is a bit flowery. Also love Lily instead of Iris but worried is now too common and Iris goes better with DD's name (not that that's essential I suppose!)

smother Wed 25-May-11 17:26:59

Tew wink

KatieScarlett2833 Wed 25-May-11 17:29:22

Another one for Eve

PMSL @ smother

MissFenella Wed 25-May-11 17:29:41

My Aunt was Iris Emily whcih I feel goes well

KatieScarlett2833 Wed 25-May-11 17:30:11


excellentadventure Wed 25-May-11 17:31:34


Asinine Wed 25-May-11 17:34:44


TobyLerone Wed 25-May-11 17:35:25

Does it really have to be 3 letters?

Iris is one of my daughter's middle names. I love it.

VenetiaLanyon Wed 25-May-11 17:35:55

Rae? Sky?

horrorcomic Wed 25-May-11 17:40:01


cosytoesandfingers Wed 25-May-11 17:45:08

Iris Amy?
Iris Eva? (rather than Eve!)
Iris Zoe?
Iris Ivy?
Iris Mia?

moodymary Wed 25-May-11 17:52:10


moodymary Wed 25-May-11 17:57:46


MelinaM Wed 25-May-11 18:04:50


smallpotato Wed 25-May-11 18:13:38

Iris Grace
Iris Jean

For some reason Iris Clementine comes to mind, though it's not what you asked for!

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