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HUW - yay or nay?

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WhatGoodIsThis Tue 17-May-11 22:28:37

I can take it.

emmanumber3 Tue 17-May-11 22:30:44

Are you Welsh? If not I'd probably steer clear to be honest. Mind you I'm not a fan of Hugh or Hugo either.

Sorry - just my opinion smile.

pushmepullyou Tue 17-May-11 22:31:21

Yay, love it!

Particularly if you're Welsh!

SecretNutellaFix Tue 17-May-11 22:39:09

If you're Welsh, live in Wales or have Welsh connections then go for it. It's a great name.

tummytickler Tue 17-May-11 22:39:54


ClipArt Tue 17-May-11 22:41:08

Yes, if you're Welsh.

nevergoogle Tue 17-May-11 22:42:10

i like it, even if you're not welsh.

MelinaM Tue 17-May-11 23:32:02

Much prefer the spelling Hugh, and love Hugosmile

squeak2392 Wed 18-May-11 15:08:12

Sorry, but I HATE the way this is pn.
Hugh's okay though, and I love Hugo.

MrsKitty Wed 18-May-11 15:17:36

If you're Welsh or with Welsh connections, then YES!

hellojude Wed 18-May-11 16:36:44

What secret said..! otherwise Hugh!

deliakate Wed 18-May-11 17:22:58

I'm fully biased as I have one. Its really great. BUT I preferred Hugh when we were deciding on names - the only way DH would agree to the name was the Welsh spelling (we both have Welsh fathers) - and I still love it this way.

Emelene Wed 18-May-11 23:29:14

I personally don't like it and I hesitated on pronounciation / spelling. Maybe that's just me! blush

MordechaiVanunu Thu 19-May-11 08:06:51

Love it.

Huw if your welsh.
Hugh if your not.
Hugo if you want something slightly more rah-rah.

All great names.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Thu 19-May-11 08:08:21

I like it, but he will spend his life saying "...with a W. No, at the end, instead of the gh. Huw. YES it's pronounced the same".

jellybeans Thu 19-May-11 14:35:29

I really dislike it, sorry. I know one and it just seems abit 'old man' on a baby!

PedigreeChump Thu 19-May-11 15:21:38

Like Hugh very much. Not as keen on Huw spelling.

ShoutyHamster Thu 19-May-11 16:15:36

Fantastic smile

DialMforMummy Thu 19-May-11 16:35:20

Love it but use the English spelling if you are not Welsh

saladfingers Thu 19-May-11 16:53:27

Great welsh name!

numbskull Thu 19-May-11 20:10:54

Yay smile

oohlaalaa Fri 20-May-11 17:23:51

Yay. Prefer the Huw spelling.

This is on our boys name list, DH is Welsh and we live in North Wales, but we have an English surname. I think with our English surname, Hugh is probably better.

Good luck.

oohlaalaa Sat 01-Oct-11 17:08:53

Ugg, thinking about famous Hugh's. There is Hugh Hefner and Laurie. Hugh Laurie, I really like. Hefner is just awful.

spotty26 Tue 04-Oct-11 12:44:12

Hugh Jackman, Hugh Dennis and Hugh Grant are better examples of Hughs!

jellybeans Tue 04-Oct-11 12:54:01

really don't like it.

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