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IYO...What's the new 'on-trend' names

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hellojude Mon 16-May-11 21:41:47

Just wondering what you all think the next 'on-trend' names are going to been...???

So long Lola and Alfie...Welcome???

LynetteScavo Mon 16-May-11 21:42:44

Delilah and Reuben.

hellojude Mon 16-May-11 21:42:48

Gabriel and Pippa??

meditrina Mon 16-May-11 21:56:05

I think Alfie's already been and gone, and I suspect Gabriel has peaked. I'm no too sure for a boy. For girls, I agree about Pippa, and would add Imogen.

wildspinning Mon 16-May-11 21:56:50

Herbie and Agatha

bibbitybobbityhat Mon 16-May-11 22:06:33

Dorothy and Jago

CanYouBeHappyAnyway Mon 16-May-11 22:06:42

do you think Imogen will rise lots?

It's always been around - rises a few places in the popularity lists, drops a couple etc.

Pippa probably will become more popular.

hmmm, boys a bit trickier. not sure.

TOWIL Mon 16-May-11 22:11:38

GIRLS: Esme, Florence, Edie and Ivy

BOYS: Arthur, Wilfie, Bertie and I fear Rufus.

UrsulaBuffay Mon 16-May-11 22:14:08


hellojude Mon 16-May-11 22:14:55

Jago...oh dear god, really??

I agree I think Wilfie etc will peak within the next 18 months!

lockets Mon 16-May-11 22:15:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rachel234 Mon 16-May-11 22:22:10

Old boys names like Arthur, Quentin, Wilfred will rise in popularity imo, as will girls names like Agatha, Elsie and Florence.

Why Pippa hmm...due to the Middletons?

TOWIL Mon 16-May-11 22:22:55

Imogen is already very popular. More popular than Lola!

UrsulaBuffay Mon 16-May-11 22:24:55

I think 'trendy' or 'on trend' is slightly different to popular or placement in the charts, correct me if I'm wrong. Yes Imogen is around 30 or so in the charts.

LeonieDeSaintVire Mon 16-May-11 22:27:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lockets Mon 16-May-11 22:34:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ManicAnnie Mon 16-May-11 22:36:27

'Ugly' granny names - Maude, Edith, Agatha
Eccentric/posh boys names - Benedict, Monty, Percy etc

UrsulaBuffay Mon 16-May-11 22:37:36


LynetteScavo Mon 16-May-11 22:40:09

Ruby, Imogen,

Teddy, Monty.

MelinaM Mon 16-May-11 22:41:16

I long for the downfall of Eve, Evie, Ellie, Lily etc...enough alreadygrin

Agree with Delilah, Esme, Florence and Pippa for girlies. Albert and Arthur for the boys.

I'm adding:

Beatrice, Clementine, Kate, Sophia.

Alexander, Flynn, Louis, Rafe.

manicinsomniac Mon 16-May-11 23:57:34

Agatha?!?!? Seriously? One of the ugliest names in the world imo. Tied with Gertrude, Doris and Ethel.

snice Tue 17-May-11 00:02:23

Edith, Mary

Monty, Reuben

smallpotato Tue 17-May-11 00:04:59

Marnie is definitely on the up. Agree with more unusual granny names like Dorothy, Agnes, Dora making a comeback too.

smallpotato Tue 17-May-11 00:04:59

Marnie is definitely on the up. Agree with more unusual granny names like Dorothy, Agnes, Dora making a comeback too.

hellojude Tue 17-May-11 09:06:01

Friends this year have had.....
Gigi.....Clementine, Kate, Daisy [yawn] Poppy [yawn again] Kit [LOVE] Robin, Matteo and Isla!

Last year it was Archie, Freddie, Harry, Rory and girl born

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