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Strong historical female names

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vvviola Mon 02-May-11 20:52:34

DD is named after an inspirational woman from history.

We're thinking of names at the moment, and were trying to come up with similar strong female names with a historical focus (while staying away from names that are too common)

We're also trying to stay away from names beginning with G, J or A. Or ending in A (just to be difficult)

Any ideas?

lockets Mon 02-May-11 21:06:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Zaft Mon 02-May-11 21:06:14

Marie (Curie)
Emmeline (Pankhurst)
Florence (Nightingale)

AliceWorld Mon 02-May-11 21:07:45

Sylvia (Pankhurst)
Millicent (Fawcett)

AliceWorld Mon 02-May-11 21:08:43

Mary (Wollstonecraft)

Kittytickle Mon 02-May-11 21:10:03

Kathryn is a good one V wink
Also how about Minerva: Minnie for short?

AliceWorld Mon 02-May-11 21:11:24

Charlotte (Perkins Gillman)

2posh Mon 02-May-11 21:11:26

Matilda (Empress and first female ruler of England, daughter of Henry 1).

Ends with an a so fulfils your brief grin

2posh Mon 02-May-11 21:12:07

ok, oops, no it doesn't, having read your post more carefully, Hmmm...forget that then grin

MayDayChild Mon 02-May-11 21:13:52

Nancy first female MP

Zaft Mon 02-May-11 21:15:07

Eleanor (Roosevelt)
Simone (de Beauvoir)

MrClaypole Mon 02-May-11 21:17:58

Edith (Wharton)
Rosa (Parks or Luxemberg)
Vita (sackville west)
Maya (angelou)
Nancy (mitford)
Naomi (woolf)
Coco (Chanel)
Eleanor (roosevelt)

MelinaM Mon 02-May-11 21:18:14

Catherine (de Medici)

Cleo (..patra)

Eleanor (Aquitaine)

Emmeline (Pankhurst)

Florence (Nightingale) ..although may be too popular!

Harriet (Beecher Stowe)

Helen (Keller)

Marie (Curie)

Phoebe (Apperson Hearst)

Sappho (one of the first published female authors)

Simone (de Beauvoir

MrClaypole Mon 02-May-11 21:18:49

margaret (thatcher) smile smile

Just joking!

MelinaM Mon 02-May-11 21:19:25

I forgot the lovely Cocogrin

SE13Mummy Mon 02-May-11 22:14:18

Harriet (Tubman)
Rosalind (Franklin)

vvviola Mon 02-May-11 22:27:52

Ooh, some interesting suggestions there!

MrClaypole, DH suggested that one (only half joking). I'm Irish, so while I've plenty of respect for her as a woman and as a politician, it wouldn't be my favourite choice (and it would be quite an interesting discussion with my family!)

Thankfully, DH was discouraged with a well placed hmm

AberdeenAngusina Tue 03-May-11 13:49:39

Elizabeth; lots of strong Elizabeths, including Elizabeth Fry, Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Barret Browning, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the fictional but strong Elizabeth Bennet,

mathanxiety Tue 03-May-11 17:50:44

Maeve (legendary queen)
Danu (ancient Irish goddess)
Fionnuala (daughter of king Lir)
Iseult/ Isolde

bemybebe Tue 03-May-11 18:14:05

I would seriously think of these two:

Aliénor or can be Eleanor (of Aquitaine, 12c) - mother of Richard the Lionheart, one of the most beautiful, powerful and rich women of her time, crusader,an absolutely amazing character

Catherine (the Great) - a German princess, who became the Russian empress, highly educated, decisive and free-spirited woman, admired by her people

Emelene Tue 03-May-11 21:27:31

Elizabeth springs to mind straight away...
I also like the others suggested like Eleanor and Katherine. smile

specialknickers Tue 03-May-11 22:03:02

Rosalind (Franklin - discovered DNA - and had her discovery knicked by men)

Shortens to Rosa too, so you'd get three rocking good historical references for the price of one.

vvviola Tue 03-May-11 22:27:34

DH is busy vetoing all of the names! hmm (Although Charlotte hasn't got a complete veto yet).

I love Elizabeth - it's my middle name and DDs already though, so I'm not sure it would be fair.

Maybe I should just do what I did when DD arrived (early). Decide on a fairly innocuous name, and then 10 minutes later announce that I'd changed my mind and that she should have strong female from history's name instead. Poor DH - fast labour, early arrival - I think he would have agreed to anything! (Although he's glad I did it now, and loves the name, meaning and connections)

youngjoly Wed 04-May-11 14:55:48

My DD1 is named after Heloise (and Abelard). She was a strong, independent woman who wouldn't be bullied into doing the 'done thing'. Unfortunately, my DD1 has those traits too.

My DD2 is a Katherine - after another strong woman!

LittleWhiteWolf Wed 04-May-11 23:11:45

Boudicca wink

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