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How do you pronounce these names?

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HerHighnessTheWestCoastLotus Wed 27-Apr-11 04:45:06


And Melangell?

They're both Welsh names, as far as I know.

anonymosity Wed 27-Apr-11 06:32:24

Kieran for Ciaran

no idea for the other one, sorry.

Folicacid Wed 27-Apr-11 08:31:06

^^ what anony said.

GooseyLoosey Wed 27-Apr-11 08:34:55

Isn't Melangell just pronounced the way it is written - with a hard "g" (ie for "go" rather than "gel"). The only time I have ever come across the name, it was said in that way.

SpotsMumSally Wed 27-Apr-11 09:01:07


ShoutyHamster Wed 27-Apr-11 13:49:26

Mel -AN - gell, emphasis on the AN

Mel as in Melanie.

An as in Ann

gell with a hard g like got, an e like in egg, and the ll - put your tongue up on the roof of your mouth, pull back your lips so your mouth is open a bit and blow gently so the sound comes out of the sides of your mouth/tongue. ellllll. Not quite 'ethl'. If that makes sense!

mathanxiety Wed 27-Apr-11 16:00:13

Ciaran is Irish. 'KEER-awn'

HerHighnessTheWestCoastLotus Wed 27-Apr-11 16:23:37

Hamster, that does make sense - I never get the Welsh "ll" right. The closest I can come is to half-arsed "th".

mrz Wed 27-Apr-11 16:28:38

ShoutyHamster Wed 27-Apr-11 19:24:38

Yes. You blow through your tongue while it's in that position, like a sort of sigh with a hiss. It's not an l or a th at all, it's a totally different sound which doesn't exist in English - it's just that those are the closest English sounds to it.

Tis easy to pronounce really! smile

deemented Wed 27-Apr-11 19:26:16

Ciaran is Irish.

HerHighnessTheWestCoastLotus Wed 27-Apr-11 20:41:28

grin I don't think my tongue can do that grin

HerHighnessTheWestCoastLotus Wed 27-Apr-11 20:47:38

Dee, oops - I didn't realize it was Irish, it thought it was a Welsh name. Thanks!

ShoutyHamster Wed 27-Apr-11 21:17:54

grin you never know what your tongue can do until you try.

Cian is Welsh!

SecretNutellaFix Wed 27-Apr-11 21:21:20

Cian is not Welsh.
It's Irish!

ShoutyHamster Thu 28-Apr-11 11:02:04

Cian, one of the earliest Welsh poets:

along with Aneurin and Taliesin which are also now becoming more popular as names.

...but, Welsh/Irish/early British - pretty much all of a muchness at this time, so I am sure Cian is just as much a traditional Irish name. I would think of Cian as Welsh and Ciaran as Irish, but they're so similar - just like John in all its European guises I suppose.

Nice name!

ShoutyHamster Thu 28-Apr-11 11:04:06

However you don't see quite so many Blwchfardds! grin

emeraldislander Thu 28-Apr-11 13:59:28

Cian was the son of Brian Boru. Means ancient. They are ten-a-penny where I come from. Never knew there was a Welsh version - how is it pronounced?

ShoutyHamster Thu 28-Apr-11 15:22:14


Not massively common but certainly quite a few Welsh ones pottering about

everlong Thu 28-Apr-11 16:36:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ConstanceFelicity Thu 28-Apr-11 17:16:26

Melangell is lovely but you have to be able to pronounce the ll properly imo.

I have heard of a few Welsh Ceiron or Ceirions...

HerHighnessTheWestCoastLotus Fri 29-Apr-11 00:38:00

Hamster... Blwchf... whaaaat???
Looks like it'd be a swear word grin

scottishmummy Fri 29-Apr-11 00:41:29

Ciaran is gaelic irish/scottish - kier-an
not familiar with other name

ShoutyHamster Fri 29-Apr-11 22:35:18

On that link I posted!

One of the other poets...strangely his name has NOT seen a revival grin

ShoutyHamster Fri 29-Apr-11 22:40:11

Or you could go for the equally catchy Henbeddestyr

Which (I kid you not) means 'Old Pedestrian'

Suddenly Melangell looks positively dull grin

Don't know of any Henbeddestyrs I have to say!!

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