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Unfortunate or odd first name / last name combinations

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FannyPriceless Mon 04-Apr-11 11:28:25

Real people I have known include:
Wayne Carr
Candy Lane

I am still pmsl at the mention of the Fanny Fidler gravestone on the other names thread. I can only assume that one was through marriage.

NoWittyName Mon 04-Apr-11 14:15:51

One of my mum's lecturers was called Cary Hunt!...don't get it mixed up.

DELHI Mon 04-Apr-11 17:15:30

My dad once knew someone called Willie Large - I don't think the combination ever struck him as

purepurple Mon 04-Apr-11 17:19:01

I knew a Phil Hole at school (Pee Hole as he was always known as).
DH has a boss called Mike Hunt
My mum had a friend called Theresa Brown.

KnitterNotTwitter Mon 04-Apr-11 17:23:39

My dad is called Joe King

A friend of my sisters is called Tracey and married a Mr Wacey (must have been love)

BikeRunSki Mon 04-Apr-11 17:26:24

My sister went to school with Theresa Green.
I had a teacher called Richard William Fallas.
I know a Miss Pratt who married a Mr Wright and their children are double barrelled.
My married name is that of an infamous rock singer/pro celebrity golfer.

befuzzled Mon 04-Apr-11 18:28:26

My parents knew an olive black who married mr green. There is a Turkish billionaire called mustafa coc (not sure of spelling).

EsmeWeatherwax Mon 04-Apr-11 18:45:04

My friend is called Richard Edward...Dick Ed...registrar was under threat of death not to use his full name at his wedding!

plymouthmaid Mon 04-Apr-11 18:51:57

I taught a Jenna Taylor.

notsweatingthesmallstuff Mon 04-Apr-11 23:35:13

Nursed a man called Sidney Harbour once, and was told his wife REALLY WAS called Pearl!

JollySergeantJackrum Tue 05-Apr-11 09:20:58

I know a Kiel Hauley.

I also went to primary school with a Jenna Taylor and honestly didn't notice that it could be amusing until now blush

darleneconnor Tue 05-Apr-11 12:10:41

May Bee

autobahnbismark Wed 06-Apr-11 01:17:05

I went to school with a girl called Iona Gunn

madhattershouse Wed 06-Apr-11 01:20:40

My next door neighbour was...Gordon Bennett, my mum had to bite her tongue all the time (this was the phrase she used to avoid swaring!).grin

SilkStalkings Wed 06-Apr-11 09:22:25

Arthur Shilling
Anyone considering the name Tyler should bear in mind it sounds an awful lot like toilet in many parts of the UK.

DriverDan Wed 06-Apr-11 09:24:10

I saw an electrician's van the other day with "Simon Borg" on the side- I think I'd quite like to be Si Borg grin

Slightly different but my late great grandma was called Alice Cooper and didn't get all the references to 'some musician', she would most likely have been horrified to share her name with the glam rocker!

MsChanandlerBong Wed 06-Apr-11 18:28:21

I had a teacher at school called Wendy House.
She was a Miss, so didn't have the excuse of it being a married name.

littlemisslozza Wed 06-Apr-11 18:31:40

I taught a Roger Boyes, always felt quite sorry for him!

freesias Wed 06-Apr-11 21:36:06

holly day
Anette curtin
ds has a friend called prestyn lancashire

knew a family whose dcs were holly , ivy and rowan ,bryony laurel , bill and logan unfortunately their surname was berry

tallulah Wed 06-Apr-11 22:19:01

We were sniggering this afternoon when the Radio 2 news was read by Julia Caesar. Still on R2- Fenella Fudge.

freesias Fri 08-Apr-11 09:35:59

met a toni hippey just hope she never becomes an orthopaedic surgeon

Newjobthankgod Fri 08-Apr-11 11:16:18

I knew a Poppy who married a Mr. Corn. I also new a Cherry who married Mr. Pye.

Kelly Kelly
Dick Wilt

Also knew of a Dr. Greybush who was a gyneacologist and saw to the Nursing Home patients.

titchy Fri 08-Apr-11 11:30:51

My old dentist was Mr Allgood and his partner was Mr Shone.

My mum is called Wendy and she had an old boyfriend with the surname Bottom. So glad she didn;t marry him!

rockinhippy Fri 08-Apr-11 11:44:55

Our plumber friend is a Mr Leak

& as a Kid I knew a boy named Orson - surname of Carte - really not sure what his parents were thinking thereconfused

rockinhippy Fri 08-Apr-11 11:45:47

Oh & DHs Great Aunt - by marriage - became - Lilly Lilly

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