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Anna or Nell

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lilia2 Mon 28-Feb-11 21:51:12

Which name for baby girl? What do you think about Nell as an older person? I also thought about Nadia, Helena and Nina.

medoitmama Mon 28-Feb-11 21:53:10

Anna. Lovely. More femanine than Nell.

nancythenaughtyfairy Mon 28-Feb-11 21:53:19


joydivisionovengloves Mon 28-Feb-11 22:36:15

Anna. By a mile.

ShowOfHands Mon 28-Feb-11 22:38:26

Oh no Nell is much, much nicer. And I really like Anna. Nell is just a brilliant name.

montylady Mon 28-Feb-11 22:43:45

What about Annabel? You could use either Anna or Nel as a nn, so I have been told smile

hellymelly Mon 28-Feb-11 22:44:07

I love Anna,so beautiful,and for some reason I have only met lovely Annas.Both Nina and Nell are nns for Helena so you could also use that and choose your nn from the two.

muminthemiddle Mon 28-Feb-11 22:45:11

I perfer Anna.

ValiumSingleton Mon 28-Feb-11 22:57:08

Agree with montylady

NotAnotherNewNappy Mon 28-Feb-11 23:01:55

Nell is cute and quirky, but as a nn (e.g. for Helena, Penelope or Eleanor - sp?) but not as a full name.

ValiumSingleton Mon 28-Feb-11 23:03:13

Yes Penelope and Eleanor are both lovely too. I really don't like just Nell though. What's your name? Nell. hmmm. Maybe I'm over analysing.

kviddy Tue 01-Mar-11 07:32:33

How about Nella?

Bubbaluv Tue 01-Mar-11 07:42:27

I knew an Anella - quite pretty?
I much prefer Anna - Nell is a Nickname and rhymes with smell (as any 8yo could tell you!) wink
I think Helena is the prettiest of all you options though - elegant and strong.

dan1981 Tue 01-Mar-11 08:43:12

Anna is a good name, sweet for when they are little but also just as nice as an adult...IMO!

Copper Tue 01-Mar-11 08:45:51

Anna - lovely name, balanced, elegant, strong, doesn't go out of fashion, doesn't rhyme with smell!

coraltoes Tue 01-Mar-11 10:41:41

sadly she will always be Smelly Nelly at school...seriously, kids love a smelly rhyme. Shame, as cute name!

randomimposter Tue 01-Mar-11 10:54:25

I like both. LOVE Nell as a NN for Eleanor or Helena.

(Don't like Nadia or Nina sorry).

5DollarShake Tue 01-Mar-11 11:28:02

Oh, I find Anna so meh! Nell is a great name - she may well get teased a bit while young, but I totally see an adult Nell as very chic and stylish. I would use it as a nn rather than a given name.

revoltingrhymes Tue 01-Mar-11 12:49:14

Nell for me. Love it!

Articulate Tue 01-Mar-11 13:00:25

Anella/Annella...then you can incorporate both! You can also use Nell as a nn.

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 01-Mar-11 13:00:48

Nell as a NN for Ellen, Anna because it is beautiful.

Niecie Tue 01-Mar-11 13:04:12

I'm afraid Nell makes me think of the Smelly Nelly taunt or even you big Nelly which was popular when I was at school (I am very old though!). It strikes me as being a bit of a peasant name too but then I might be forced to watch too much Horrible Histories.

Anna is lovely though. It is also sophisticated and grown up yet OK for a small child.

MamaLazarou Tue 01-Mar-11 14:23:49

Nell, definitely. It's such a tasteful, sophisticated name. I love it.

Anna is just a bit 'beige' for me.

Janus Tue 01-Mar-11 14:51:38

Just to add that Nell is on our shortlist for a girl so definitely get a vote for it from me!
I have 3 girls and I suppose their names could rhyme, the worst being Lottie and if she gets acne and is 'spotty Lottie' she may never forgive me !! but i'm sure the name calling is quite rare, I can't remember calling anyone a name when I was kid, or am I being naive??

medoitmama Tue 01-Mar-11 15:46:47

Didn't think of Smelly Nelly, just Nelly the elephant! Not very flattering. Sorry.

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