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Scottish boy's name suggestions please

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ItsMeYourCathy Wed 23-Feb-11 14:30:59

My granny was from Shetland and has passed away now. She was very proud of her Shetland heritage and so is my mum. I'd like to give my eagerly anticipated son a Scottish middle name to honour his (rather diluted now!)background.

The first name we've chosen is Nathaniel and our last name starts with P. I asked my mum for family names and none of them were suitable.

I quite like Hamish.

Suggestions please, especially from Scottish ladies who know that the names are Scotch and not just 'Celtic'

Thanks a lot xx

JamInMyWellies Wed 23-Feb-11 14:32:15

Lachlan or Archie

NormanTheForeman Wed 23-Feb-11 14:34:08


Love Nathaniel btw.

ItsMeYourCathy Wed 23-Feb-11 14:34:17

Interestingly enough, my great grandfather was called Archibald (Archie) but my friend said everyone would think of a cockney rapist ('Enders) and it put me off! I know, I know, hormones and that...!
Do still like it though..

scurryfunge Wed 23-Feb-11 14:36:05

I have an Angus.

Shuard is a Shetland name so is Turval.

peeriebear Wed 23-Feb-11 14:37:35

My paternal family are from Shetland (hence my name!) and half the islands are called John. In the small amount of extended family I met while visiting there was John, Baby John, John L and John David. And our old surname was Fraser before it was married out to another Scottish name (which again half the islands seem to have!)

ItsMeYourCathy Wed 23-Feb-11 14:39:48

Shuard- does that have a meaning? Is it pronounced Shoo-ard?

Thanks for the nathaniel appreciation norman !

Some lovely suggestions here - thanks. I don't trust internet searches - I want a real Scottish name and some of them don't ring true.

My Gran's brothers were called William, Shane, Andrew and David which aren't really that different.

magentastardust Wed 23-Feb-11 14:41:52

Eoghain or Ewan
Ruiraidh (pronounced Roor-y)

scurryfunge Wed 23-Feb-11 14:46:04

I don't know the meaning but it sounds like it might derive from Stuart. You are right in not trusting googling -as a surname it comes up as an English surname meaning someone who lives in the gap between the hills grin

ItsMeYourCathy Wed 23-Feb-11 14:50:36

peeriebear I even went on the Shetland family history site in search and you're right! half of them called John! Do you know what, we're probably related! wink

peeriebear Wed 23-Feb-11 14:57:15

Quite probably ItsMe! My great granny was a full blooded Shetlander and I could barely understand her till the day she died, even though she'd lived in England since WWII We still have a fair crop of blood relations up there, including my grandparents who retired up there and my auntie who moved up to help them out. Can't think of any boys names to help you out though!

ItsMeYourCathy Wed 23-Feb-11 15:06:33

My Gran moved in WWII - to Wales, never left. Lived opposite me all her life and I miss her. I've still got family there and Annabelle is the 'family' girls' name. Boys are really hard though. How funny. Can I just pretend that I found a long distant relative on mumsnet?! grin It's only a tiny island and I'd like to go and visit. I reckon i could get away with Norweigian names as well - Granny was blonde and had blue eyes, clearly Viking stock!

peeriebear Wed 23-Feb-11 17:26:29

My great aunt traced our family tree for my grandad (John!)'s 60th birthday and we are descended from Viking settlers
Oh I hope you do go and visit, once you get to Aberdeen the ferry is very cheap if you're a foot passenger, and not too much more if you take a car. I would move there in a second if we could, it's so peaceful and friendly- and the shops are good too

fridayschild Wed 23-Feb-11 17:30:23

Do you have any surnames in the family you could use as a middle name? That is also an honourable Scottish tradition.

SilkStalkings Wed 23-Feb-11 17:30:46


I love Hamish (but DH wouldn't have it). Also think Duncan, Douglas, Fraser and Lachlan are lovely (we've got a Lachlan and DD2 was going to be Fraser except she's a she!)

Highlandgirl Wed 23-Feb-11 17:43:09

I love love love the name Hamish...but DH (English) is having none of it...bugger him and our hugely English surname.

You may find this link not as Scottish you my think...!!! nts/births/popular-names/2010/detailed-tables.html

I love Lachlan
Kerr / Keir

Also don't forget about last names..i.e Wallace, Murray, Crawford, Gordon, Hunter, Campbell, Ross, Mackenzie..I went to School with loads of boys who's first names can also in Scotland be used as surnames...saying that the above list also falls into that bracket.

softpaw Wed 23-Feb-11 17:55:05

scot is an overlooked name these days,and don't forget david

thereisalightanditnevergoesout Wed 23-Feb-11 18:01:19

My Uncle is Scottish - and was given his mother's maiden name as his first name.

I love Hamish - it's DS's mn and we also have an Angus.

When I was looking for names on here I had some great suggestions - trying to remember them.

There was definitely Lachlan, Lorcan, Innes, Fraser.

Someone even suggested Murdo - but DH didn't like it.

I don't know if they are very Shetland though.

irishqueen Wed 23-Feb-11 18:16:14

Campbell ... love it

fifi25 Wed 23-Feb-11 18:53:36

murdos probably short for murdoch i think. Kids grandads from Ayrshire and thats what hes called. Everyone calls him Doc.

fridayschild Wed 23-Feb-11 19:00:47

We have a Scottish someone at work who is actually called Murdo, short for, erm, nothing at all. Murdo is his given name.

pointydog Wed 23-Feb-11 19:06:05

Murdo is usually a name in its own right.

ratspeaker Wed 23-Feb-11 19:07:58


Bideyin Wed 23-Feb-11 20:03:06

I have a Hamish And I like Lachlan and Duncan.

Not sure that Shetlanders really consider themselves to be Scottish tho'?

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