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Is the name Skyla really that bad??

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sum04 Wed 09-Feb-11 22:32:12

I really like the name Skyla and the spelling, as i realise you can also spell it other ways, but not many people i have asked have liked then name and it's really made me confused as to whether i should just go ahead with what i like or choose a totally different name, which im finding very hard to choose as i really don't like most girl's names.
I called my other daughter Summer, which at the time 7 years ago was very unusual, but recently her name has become quite popular.
Im wondering if that might end up being the case with Skyla??
Is this name really that bad?

AnnieLobeseder Wed 09-Feb-11 22:34:12

Yes. Sorry.

Though I suppose it depends where you live.

Can you picture Prime Minister Skyla, though?

AllieW Wed 09-Feb-11 22:36:03

I'm not at all keen, but mainly because it's not my style of name. I think it probably goes with Summer, though.

onimolap Wed 09-Feb-11 22:36:28

I would prefer Skye (or Kylie).

Skyla sounds like Skylab with a bit missing.

SecretNutellaFix Wed 09-Feb-11 22:37:38

It looks like you forgot to finish the word "skylark"

It really isn't a very nice sounding name, to my ears anyway.

Hassled Wed 09-Feb-11 22:37:44

Years and years ago there was a BBC cartoon called Noah and Nelly which had the catchphrase "All aboard the Skylark!". So people of my generation (i.e. old) will hear Skyla, think Skylark.

TattyFanny Wed 09-Feb-11 22:40:28

It's pretty terrible. Sorry.

Sossiges Wed 09-Feb-11 22:42:24

I don't think Skyla will ever become popular like Summer, sorry. If you like hippy names, then why not just Sky?

sum04 Wed 09-Feb-11 22:45:02

I keep getting told about that cartoon and 'skylark', but i really don't have a clue what that programme is.
I was born in 1984, so that might be why??
I have found that the only people who seem to like the name are aged from about 16-28.
Maybe i should just choose a more common name, but i really would only be doing that to please everyone else and i don't really know if that is a good thing either..
I don't know why it is sooo hard to decide this time, when i already had my names choosen for my daughter and son before they were born...

QuestionNumber Wed 09-Feb-11 22:48:00

I like the sound of it but it does sound a bit like you couldn't decide between Skye or Isla.

Here's the programme:

SecretNutellaFix Wed 09-Feb-11 22:55:53

Have you had a look on the Office for national statistics? There is a list of names there which shows, for 2009, all the names that were given to more than 3 baby girls in that year.

MardyBra Wed 09-Feb-11 23:11:07

Sorry - don't like it. Isn;t one of Gillian McKeith's children called Skyla or something similar

Pingpong Wed 09-Feb-11 23:14:21

I'm not keen but if you do really, really like it then you should use it and not feel that you should conform.
You will never find a name that everyone likes.

ragged Wed 09-Feb-11 23:14:47

I like Summer.
Skyla sounds... like you're trying to hard. Or you made it up (in a 4yo girl kind of way).
I'm sure I'd get used to it, but it would take a while....
Sky (or even Skye) are reasonable.

neolara Wed 09-Feb-11 23:15:57

I like it.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 09-Feb-11 23:18:34

I like it, but only with the dutch spelling Schuyler.

If you use Skyla, it is like using anglicised versions of other names such as Shavawn (for Siobhan) etc. What's the point?

Underachieving Wed 09-Feb-11 23:19:17

Sorry, don't like it either. Although I dislike it enough that I would never consider using it it's not so dreadful that she wont be able to live with it. If you'd really picked a terrible one people would be warning you I am sure. That said, I definately agree with you in that you should name your children what feels right to you. Give sonsideration to what others say, but ultimately it's your call.

I am so very glad I called DD1 (now 11y/o) a name her father and my entire family didn't want me to. Looking at her now she could never be anything else, she perfectly fits it. (All of her Dad's ideas were of the truly terrible, laughed out of nursery variety for real!)

KangarooCaught Wed 09-Feb-11 23:19:30

Like other natural/nature names a lot more, although Skyla fits with Summer.

LemonDifficult Wed 09-Feb-11 23:20:34

yes, it is that bad.

KangarooCaught Wed 09-Feb-11 23:26:52

Did anything else make the list, or has it always been Skyla?

Changeisagoodthing Wed 09-Feb-11 23:28:46

Spring ?

onimolap Wed 09-Feb-11 23:28:59

The European pronunciation of Schuyler is "shoo-ler".

The US does it differently (don't know why), but I think in UK, the European way would be the norm (think of Mrs Van Schuyler in Murder on the Orient Express).

sum04 Wed 09-Feb-11 23:30:57

No.. Its always been Skyla.
I like Amber, but for a middle name..
Thought about Skye, but really prefer Skyla.
It's just been stuck in my head ever since i had my son 5 years

sum04 Wed 09-Feb-11 23:31:31

Skyla is popular in the States, as is the spelling.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 09-Feb-11 23:31:52

I know a couple of American Schuylers of dutch descent, their names are pronounced Sky-lar.

It may depend on where you come from, I suppose, and imagine that pronunciation varies depending on where you live.

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