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Sacha for a boy?

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nicolamumof3 Mon 31-Jan-11 13:30:06


AllieW Mon 31-Jan-11 13:33:15

It's a traditional nickname for Alexander, so why not?

GooseyLoosey Mon 31-Jan-11 13:35:17

Not for me - know too many people who would assume that it was a girl's name and educating them to the contrary would not be something I wanted to take on.

MollysChambers Mon 31-Jan-11 13:38:38

Maybe as a nickname but Alexander for official purposes?

rachel234 Mon 31-Jan-11 13:43:03

Lovely, but Sacha is the French version. I'd use Sasha. Great name!

mopsyflopsy Mon 31-Jan-11 13:44:53

I know several male Sashas and think it is a lovely name. In fact, I find it odd when I meet a female Sasha/Sacha..

moodymary Mon 31-Jan-11 13:45:35

I love it but it's one of those that I think is great but wouldn't use - I also like Jesse for a boy but again, too many people would assume it was a girl's name and I'd get fed up with correcting them!

anamaria22 Mon 31-Jan-11 13:47:00

I love it, short for Alexander. I know more male Sashas/Sachas than female ones.

chaya5738 Mon 31-Jan-11 13:49:06

I love it too. I would call him Alexander and then Sacha as a nickname. I definitely think of Sacha as a boy's name and find it odd when I hear a girl called Sacha.

anamaria22 Mon 31-Jan-11 13:50:27

Thought this was helpful:

Sasha originated in countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe as a diminutive of Alexander and Alexandra. It is also found as a surname, although this is very rare. Alternative spellings include: Саше (Macedonian), Saša (Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian), Sasza (Polish), Sashko (Ukrainian), Sascha (German), Sasja (Dutch), and Sacha (French).

This name is especially common in Europe where it is used primarily by males as a diminutive of Alexander, although females may also use it as a diminutive of Alexandra. Despite its popularity in informal usage, the name is rarely recorded on birth certificates in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, as it is considered a diminutive and not a formal name. Exceptions are Serbia and Croatia.

In Germany, the civil registry offices allow the inscription of Sascha in birth certificates as a formal name but only for boys

rachel1970 Mon 31-Jan-11 13:52:10

I like Sasha (Sacha sounds french) for a boy, short for Alexander.

Buda Mon 31-Jan-11 13:59:55

Ukrainian boy in DS's class called Sasha, short for Alexander. They all call him Sushi which they have now shortened to Sush.

nicolamumof3 Mon 31-Jan-11 14:52:45

That's good to hear I love it and am familiar with origins just thought in uk was more common for girls name this is fourth dc I'm sure will be another boy! Thanks all for input

evamummy Mon 31-Jan-11 14:55:55

Sasha is definately a boys' names to my ears, mostly short for Alexander.

Agree that Sacha is the french spelling (as the French pronounce 'ch' as 'sh' e.g. chat) but Sasha works much better in English and German. Otherwise people might pronounce it Satcha grin.

PlanetLizard Mon 31-Jan-11 17:11:56

I don't like it, sorry.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 31-Jan-11 17:13:17

I think it's a lovely name smile

lilly13 Mon 31-Jan-11 17:31:15

Sasha is a diminitive form of Alexander and Alexandra (same for boy & girl) in Russian. This name does not exist on a standalone basis. The Sacha spelling just looks bizarre imho...

evamummy Mon 31-Jan-11 22:03:39

Yes, Sasha if you live in the UK (and Sacha in France).

PracticallyImperfectInEveryWay Mon 31-Jan-11 22:51:06

DD is Sasha and to me it has always sounded feminine.

That said, it's a terrific name so if you love it then why not .

hulabula Tue 01-Feb-11 14:36:53

Love it as a nickname for Alexander. A lovely 5 year old in ds's class (who I think has Russian connections). Agree that 'ch' would be the french way to pronounce 'sh' (e.g. chat, chanson). Great name!

hulabula Tue 01-Feb-11 14:37:31

Otherwise people might pronounce Sacha as Sa-tsha grin.

Lozza70 Wed 02-Feb-11 20:45:29

I really like this name. We went for another shortening of Alexander, Sander but Sasha was the alternative.

vess Wed 02-Feb-11 23:55:45

No boy likes having a name that people see as a girl's name. Chances are he'll hate it.
Other than that, it's nice.

bigbluebump Thu 03-Feb-11 09:15:38

I've only known male Sashas, mostly short for Alexander. So to my ears it is a boys' name.

There are many unisex names around - Morgan, Charlie, Rowan, Sam, Alex. It is not that strange, is it confused.

tammy234 Thu 03-Feb-11 09:18:13

I know a German boy called Sascha. I like it.

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