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names you like but wouldn't use because you dont like the nickame

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darleneconnor Sun 30-Jan-11 11:18:18

Charlotte for me because i think it's pretty but charlie and lottie make me shudder

darleneconnor Sun 30-Jan-11 11:19:38


tammytoby Sun 30-Jan-11 11:23:17

Sebastian because Seb/Sebbie reminds me of sebacious (oily).

Finnian because Finn is too common.

Florence because Flo or Florrie sounds very unfeminine.

Benedict because Ben is too common.

lockets Sun 30-Jan-11 11:25:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ninedragons Sun 30-Jan-11 11:29:43

Penelope. I know it's a perfectly fine short form but just don't like Penny.

theagedparent Sun 30-Jan-11 12:06:02

Dorcas, lovely name

CharlotteBronteSaurus Sun 30-Jan-11 12:08:05

rebecca - lovely name
but i'm not wild on becky

CharlieBoo Sun 30-Jan-11 12:28:25

I think Lottie's a gorgeous nn!!

Olivia for me...dislike Ollie and Livvy

CharlieBoo Sun 30-Jan-11 12:29:07

Oh and I nearly had Sophie for my dd but every Sophie I know is a Soph which Im not mad on.

darleneconnor Sun 30-Jan-11 13:20:37

I'll also add Andrew because I dont like Andy (too used car salesman).

Hatterbox Sun 30-Jan-11 13:25:51

tammytoby - you could always use Ned as a nn for Benedict.

For me, it is Constance, but I can't stand the nn Connie. sad

flower38 Sun 30-Jan-11 13:40:16

Victoria lovely Vicky don't like.

MrsvWoolf Sun 30-Jan-11 13:43:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blu Sun 30-Jan-11 13:44:41

Use the names if you like them.
Neither my brother or I have ever been called by the common shortened version of our names.
We don't use nicknaes, our family don't, so it has never taken root.

ScatterChasse Sun 30-Jan-11 13:53:33

Victoria for me.

I'm really not keen on Vicky (especially spelt Viki for some reason, it just doesn't look like a word to me confused) and I think Tori sounds like a boy's name.

Also names with multiple spelling of the nickname. I had four Gabrielles in my year at school, all spelt Gabbie/Gabby/Gaby/Gabi differently.

My sister has a name like that, and very few people bother to find out how she spells the shortened version, and then spell it correctly (for her).

essenceofSES Sun 30-Jan-11 13:57:36

James - sorry but Jamie sounds too childish and I like names that will suit baby or adult.

My mum called my brother Stephen specifically with a "ph" as she didn't want it shortened. Didn't make any difference though - everyone calls him Steve except my parents!

tummytickler Sun 30-Jan-11 14:12:46

Victoria and Matilda. Vicky, Tori and Tilly are vile though.

nelly83 Sun 30-Jan-11 15:31:24

Scarlett for me. Love the name but Scar or Letty are just rubbish nns!

Chocolocolate Sun 30-Jan-11 15:40:21

Another Victoria - I don't mind Tory but can't stand Vicky.

Also, we love Elizabeth and like all of the nicknames but Liz/Lizzie and wouldn't want to risk it.

Eglu Sun 30-Jan-11 15:43:05

Phineas - because Phin (Fin) is too common.

Agree Benedict - Ben just boring.

tammytoby Sun 30-Jan-11 15:54:12

Agree about Scarlet - Scar, Scarly, Letty aren't nice at all.

William - nice name but I hate Will or Willy.

tammytoby Sun 30-Jan-11 15:54:59

And Hector - Heck grin (although I dislike the meaning too)

mommmmyof2 Sun 30-Jan-11 16:11:49

I love the name Benjamin but not keen on Ben, not that there nothing wrong with it but just not the name you picked for your child.And you no that is would get shortened.

GibberingGinger Sun 30-Jan-11 17:44:37

Patrick. But hate Pat or Paddy. Also Alexander but hate Alex. In fact I find this a problem with a lot of boys names.

LetThereBeRock Sun 30-Jan-11 17:47:46

Daniel is a beautiful name,but I hate Danny and Dan is even worse.

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