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Recent nutty names I have heard

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CockneySparra Fri 21-Jan-11 14:23:08


I thought the woman was mispronouncing Sian, then saw the name written down. Sigh-Anne. I mean, what on earth...?

the other was a little boy called Ragen. As in Ronald Regan, but Ragen. Ragen? I am not a name snob, but I do draw the line at deliberately misspelling surnames and then using them as a first name! grin

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TooManyButtons Fri 21-Jan-11 14:25:20

Sigh-Anne. Words fail me.

Although I did recently meet two sisters called Lee-Arna and Ell-Arna.

Asteria Fri 21-Jan-11 14:28:49

I just don't understand hyphenated first names - WHY WHY WHY? I went to school with lots of Mary-Annes, Emma-Janes and Mary-Roses - silly if you ask me!

twirlymum Fri 21-Jan-11 14:29:20


Poor kid was called brontosaurus by all the others.

onimolap Fri 21-Jan-11 15:05:43

I thought Regan was a Shakesperian girls' name.

I met a Karmani (boy) on the bus.

twirlymum Fri 21-Jan-11 15:45:06

Regan was one of King Lear's daughters onimolap

Imarriedafrog Fri 21-Jan-11 15:49:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twirlymum Fri 21-Jan-11 15:56:53

You sure it wasn't The Sweeney? grin

onimolap Fri 21-Jan-11 17:07:57

Ah yes! I've never met a Cordelia in RL, though it's a nice name. Pity anyone who's saddled with Goneril.

SoupDragon Fri 21-Jan-11 17:10:05

Sigh-Anne is a shocker.

talkingnonsense Fri 21-Jan-11 17:12:46

Was it a misspelling of Cyan??

Helzapoppin Fri 21-Jan-11 18:18:01

I met a Yorick at a party last week. He wasn't a baby though, he was twenty and American, perhaps it's more normal there (??).

Spidermama Fri 21-Jan-11 18:25:38

I know a Mopsa.

She says her name is from a Shakespearean play but I can't remember which one.

When I first met her I was a bit hmm but it really grew on me. In fact she was one of the people I consulted about having an unusual name when deciding whether to name my children.

Spidermama Fri 21-Jan-11 18:26:17

I wonder how many people will say, 'Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well,'

onimolap Fri 21-Jan-11 19:20:34

Spidermama: I thought I knew my Shakespeare pretty well, but I had to look that one up.

Mopsa is a character in Winter'sTale

Spidermama Fri 21-Jan-11 19:35:56

Yes that's it. Well done!

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 21-Jan-11 19:50:01

Bronte is a Scandinavian name. Not so daft there!

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 21-Jan-11 19:53:00

Actually I'm talking bollocks. It's an Irish name, just happen to know a couple of Danish ones!

MrsvWoolf Fri 21-Jan-11 20:01:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShowOfHands Fri 21-Jan-11 20:04:26

Regan in KL was a bloody nasty piece of work.

spidookly Fri 21-Jan-11 20:08:14

Bronte is not an Irish name.

"when deciding whether to name my children."

What did you decide?

I hope you decided not to name them. Now that would be unsual.

crystalglasses Fri 21-Jan-11 20:09:51

I find Hebe strange. Am I wrong?

KnitterInTheNW Fri 21-Jan-11 20:09:53

Someone told me the other day that there was a birthday card on cbeebies for a child called...#


MissBeehiving Fri 21-Jan-11 20:20:10

Regan was awful. What about her Dsis Goneril? wink

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